Apple Watch not tracking activity after update: troubleshooting instructions

Suddenly, you can find out that the Apple Watch activity is not correctly working after updating. The Activity app allows you to watch your activity and progress during your workouts. Here we’ll consider troubleshooting steps.

Why is the Activity app not working on the Apple Watch?

  1. Problems with sync between iPhone and Apple Watch.
  2. Your iPhone and Apple Watch do not have the last updates.
  3. Problems with Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Let’s look at how the Apple Watch counts activity and displays it in the form of activity rings to troubleshoot the issue.

How to fill in activity rings on the Apple Watch app

Apple Watch perceives as “Activity” your daily actions above the intensity of a normal fast walk.

The Apple Watch will not count slow heart rate or slow movements throughout the day as activity.

The Apple Watch syncs with your data on your iPhone through the Activity app on your iPhone to better showcase activity with activity rings on the screen. However, the wireless connection to your phone can sometimes malfunction.

How to fix problems with your Apple Watch:

Why can Apple Watch activity statistics not be gathered? Check some basic reasons why Apple Watch does not work:

First of all, make sure that Bluetooth is working on your iPhone (go to the Settings app -> Bluetooth).

Make sure that both your iPhone and Apple Watch are charged enough.

On your iPhone or Apple Watch, turn airplane mode on, wait 20 seconds, then turn it off again (go to the Settings app -> Airplane mode).

Try to restart iPhone and then restart Apple Watch by holding the side button on your device. Turn the devices off alternately for a couple of minutes and check if the Apple Watch Activity app is working.

Apple Watch users can find below a few more tips to force the watch to operate properly.

Check how you wear the watch

Make sure you are wearing the Apple Watch on the correct wrist it is designed for. It’s also worth considering how tightly the watch strap fits your hand.

If the watch sits too loosely, the device’s wrist detection will stop. If the watch is pressed too tightly, the device may not find your wrist and wrist detection will go wrong.

Check your Personal Data

Tap the My Watch tab in the Watch app on your iPhone’s home screen, tap Health and find “Health Details”.

This action will help you understand whether your workout app correctly collects information about your distance traveled, pulse, energy, and other health details.

Check for the latest software update

Make sure your Apple Watch software is up-to-date: in case of Apple Watch not tracking activity, then try to install the latest update on the watch itself if you see the warning.

You can open Settings, and under “General” you will see Software Update.

Some Apple Watch features don’t work with an older version of the software. Better yet, update watchOS via Wi-Fi. If all the updates don’t help you fix the Activity app, let’s move on to the following recommendations.

Unlock the device

If the watch is locked and the Passcode on your phone is enabled, then the watch will not be tracking activity statistics. In this case, the solution is quite simple: enter an Apple ID password on the Apple Watch screen, or set it to unlock when you unlock your iPhone.

You can try disabling the password on the watch, in which case the process of collecting activity statistics can begin.

How can one enable automatic unlocking? Go to “Settings” in the “Password” section. Activate the option “Unlock with iPhone”.

Check the Power Reserve Mode

If Power Reserve Mode is active on the Apple Watch (the Apple Watch battery should drop below 10%), the Apple Watch not tracking activity.

The Power Reserve Mode feature on your Apple Watch disables all functions except time. The device will display a red low battery icon next to the clock. In this case, try charging your Apple Watch for at least 30 minutes and then resetting it.

Check the Wrist Detection function

The wrist detection function of your Apple Watch may be disabled, so you must turn it on in the “Settings” of your Apple Watch or on your iPhone (flip through the section until you find the Passcode settings).

If that doesn’t help you turn on your activity statistics either, check out the following.

Check your Location Services

If you want to track your movement statistics, make sure Location Tracking is enabled on your watch. There is such an option on your Watch as the Location Services section.

You can do this in Settings app > Privacy > Location Services > and tap System Services, check that your geolocation is available for watching, and you have set While Using the App > in the Apple Watch Workouts section, the Exact Location option should be set.

In the Location Services section, check further under the System Services tab in the Privacy section, if Motion Calibration & Distance is enabled. If not, turn it on to start counting your steps.

Unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch and iPhone

When you disconnect the watch, it automatically backs up your data. Unpair the watch from your iPhone in the Watch app, under the All watches tab. Click the information icon next to your watch and then click the Unpair Apple Watch button.

Next, you will have to run a re-pairing of the Apple Watch and iPhone to use the watch again.

Open the Watch app, namely the My Watch tab. Click on the information icon next to the Watch where you will find the Unpair Apple Watch button, which is needed now.

You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password to disable the Apple Watch from paired iPhone. After that, pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Of course, you can perform synchronization again, but the problem is likely to recur. Therefore, this solution is only temporary, but it is worth trying.

Calibrate your Apple Watch

If all the previous tips didn’t help, it’s worth remembering about such an important element as Apple Watch calibrating. If you calibrate your Apple Watch, you will improve the accuracy of all movement measurements with your watch.

It is necessary to calibrate the watch if you have been using it for some time, or if it is new.

Reset fitness calibration data on your Apple Watch

To calibrate an Apple Watch, you’ll need to open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Privacy tab to check that Motion Calibration is turned on (the Location Services section). You will need about 15-20 minutes to do this.

You can try resetting the calibration data and running it again if something goes wrong. So, go to Reset Fitness Calibration Data in the My Watch tab in your Apple Watch app on your iPhone (This option is at the bottom of the Privacy tab in the My Watch tab).

You’ll need to go out for a walk with your Apple Watch with cellular connectivity (if your watch is not connected to the Internet, take your iPhone with you).

Then you will have to walk a certain distance on a flat surface.

You have to open the Workout app on your Apple Watch and select Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run.

You can now test your watch’s performance and view your activity rings.

Last few words

If the tips in the article did not help you, it may be worth doing to contact Apple Support to fix the technical issues or look for a new Apple Watch.

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