Clear and detailed instructions on how to accept a shared album invite

The functions of the iPhone have long gone beyond the usual device for communication. In particular, Apple has made its devices famous for their multi-functionality and the ability to use your phone as a camera, watch, and even a notepad.

Specifically, the photos app will be what we will talk about in this article, not just about iCloud Photos and videos, but the so-called “shared album”.

Did you have a situation that you went on a trip with a company or walked with friends, then collected pictures like puzzles from each user? Now imagine that you have a feature called iCloud photo sharing, thanks to which you can create shared photo albums.

In this article, we will discuss exactly how to create your shared album, how to receive an invitation properly by clicking on the albums tab using both a phone and a computer, what the features of using a shared album, and what to do in a situation where you cannot receive an invitation to the shared album?

how to accept a shared album invite

Where can I find the shared album invitation?

You can see the function to receive an invitation for iCloud photo sharing by going to the iCloud photos and videos app.

That is, you should be near the person who will give you access to shared albums and monitor the screen of your phone so as not to miss the invitation notification and be able to click on the positive answer.

How can I create shared albums?

Also, you might have thought about creating your own shared albums without constantly waiting for an invitation from other users.

First, you need to tap the albums button, which is located in the photos app.

After that, you will have a button with a “+” icon, click on it, and now you can create your album.

You can come up with any name for an album with iCloud photo sharing, the main thing is that you remember the name, and you do not have to constantly look for it among others.

Now, after choosing a name, create a list of people who will have access to this album. Click on the “add” button and after that “create”.

Now all you have to do to share certain photos is to click on the “share” button in the album itself or select photos and then click on the “post” icon.

Shared album facilities:

A shared album will provide you with many options and features that will keep you interested and make the usual ritual of sharing photos with your friends or your family easier.

  1. Shared album

Firstly, even during the creation of a shared album, you will be able to better allocate the memory of your iPhone because when you want to share photos and videos, you select which photos you need, which makes it possible to detect duplicates or just bad frames.

Moreover, the creation of shared albums itself is quite an exciting activity, which in the future will be able to notice ordinary photo albums since you, in the photos app, can save a huge number of photos and even videos that you can review at any time.

  1. Album invite

You can choose which people will see the photos in your album, that is, unlike social networks, where only a private account can be confidential to other people, in iCloud photo sharing you control who has access to the images.

Moreover, shared album invitations make your communication easier because if you want to send the same photos to several people, you only need to click on the albums tab to which they are connected and invited, rather than sending each person individually, wasting your time.

  1. Add photos

You can control which photos will be in the album.

That is, you select photos, after which tap “post own photos”.

This feature is very handy because in case you need to use iCloud Photos in a conversation or just chat with someone who is not in shared albums, you can easily find a photo in an album, rather than exploring your entire film roll.

  1. Reaction to photos

iCloud photo sharing not only allows you to share iCloud photos but also allows you to like or comment on your photos.

All you have to do is find the thumb button to like and add, and tap a post comment button to comment on the post in the shared album.

This feature is very useful, for example, if you want to get an objective assessment of a photo from your inner circle before posting this photo to the public on social networks.

  1. Save and delete photos

In your shared album, you can manage the use of photos at your discretion, that is, you can either save photos from the album or delete them.

All the photos can be removed if the owner of the own shared album wants to. Moreover, this is a good feature in case you don’t like the way you look in the photos and want to remove them, or if they are just bad and blurry pictures.

You can also save photos that other users add. For instance, you liked a group photo and want to post it on social media. You cannot ask users to send it to you in messengers, but immediately save it from the album.

  1. Remove a person

iCloud photo sharing is a private feature that takes care of your safety, which means in your own shared album you choose the number of users and who they are.

For example, if you accidentally added users to the wrong shared photo albums, then don’t worry about the fact that they will have unlimited access to photos. As soon as you delete them, they will not be able to save or even just go to the album.

To do this, you need to go to the album and find the icon with the name “People”, after which a list of users who have access to the album will appear, and you only need to select the one you want to delete.

  1. Delete shared albums

In addition to the fact that you can remove users or own photos from an album or choose a clear circle of people that you will give access to iCloud photo sharing, you can also delete shared albums that you no longer need.

This is a very handy feature that takes little time and is especially good because creating a new album is not a problem, for example, if your last album is filled with a bunch of unnecessary photos, you can transfer the best shots to a new album and delete the old one.

To get rid of a shared album in the photos app, you need to go to the album, then click on the “Edit” button and select the “delete” option.

How do I accept a shared photo album invite?

After you have learned how to make albums yourself, it is worth figuring out how to access other people’s shared albums.

Below, you can see instructions, which will help you to receive an invitation to the shared album.

  1. Home screen

Firstly, you need to open your home screen.

Make sure that the phone, which will be giving you access to a shared album, is being activated as well, so it will share albums privately and quickly.

  1. Photos app

Then, to access iCloud photo sharing, you need to open the photos app.

Make sure that you have enough storage for the shared album.


  1. Shared album invitation

After this, you need to make another phone make shared album invitation or iCloud photo sharing.

You will see a notification on your phone, where you need to choose whether you want to subscribe to an album or not.

If you selected yes, just check the result and search for shared albums in your gallery.

How do I accept a shared album on Mac?

iCloud Photo sharing can even make sure your photos are automatically saved to your computer too, so you don’t have to constantly send them individually to your Mac.

To use this feature, first, make sure your MacBook is connected to your iCloud account.

After that, open the photo gallery app on your Mac, and by clicking on the “Photos” button, select the “Preferences” option.

Now you need to select the iCloud menu and switch the controller labeled “Shared albums” to work mode. Now you can safely create else’s shared album on your MacBook.

How do I accept a shared album invite 2022?

The procedure of iCloud photo sharing, using shared albums, in 2022 isn’t different from other years. Although with new updates, of course, the function of sending invitations seems to become faster, it is difficult to say whether this is due to the novelty of the iPhone model or software update.

Why can’t I receive shared album invites for iPhone?

You may have a problem when you followed the instructions but didn’t receive notifications about the invitation to the shared albums, although you know that the album’s owner has allowed you access to iCloud photo sharing.

Below you can find the causes of this problem, as well as ways to solve them.

1. Internet connection

A common reason that you can’t access shared albums in your photos app is a bad internet connection.

Try to change the location for a better signal, restart the device, or disconnect the settings and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Low power mode

Also, the absence of iCloud photo sharing may be that you accidentally turned on low-power mode and forgot to turn it off. The phone with this feature can process alerts for a shared album more slowly to conserve battery.

Go to settings, then select the “battery” menu, which is under the “exposure notifications” option, and make the low-power mode controller remain greyed out.

3. iOS device update

You won’t be able to accept a shared album invite if you have an older version of iOS and the owner of the album has an updated one.

To solve this problem, just go to the settings, then click on the “General” and “Software update” buttons, now select the “download and install” option and wait for the new update to finish installing.

4. System status page

In a situation where all the problems before that are not relevant to you, but you still do not have access to the shared album invitation, then check Apple’s system status page.

Perhaps the problem is not in your device, shared album owner, or iCloud photos, but in the servers in general.

Other methods

Clearing your phone’s memory can also help if you can’t get notifications for iCloud photo sharing. Open iCloud Photos and videos and delete the stuff you don’t need.

A good option to accept shared album invite without problems is to reboot your device. To do this, simply eclipse the power and volume buttons and wait until the white apple is highlighted.


To sum up, iCloud photo sharing is a feature that is unique, and what makes it special is the fact that you just need to have an iPhone, a photos app, and access to the albums tab to do it.

After getting close to the instructions, you were also able to realize how versatile the shared album option is and how it can even replace instant messengers.

We hope that after reading this article you fully understand exactly how to create an album that allows you to share photos and videos, moreover, now you understand exactly how to get an invitation and what to do if you cannot be added to the album.

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