How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password: full guide

Apple ID sign-in is a very useful verification method and a security step taken by Apple. It stops others from utilizing our gadgets or accessing our information. This sign-in requirement, though, occasionally causes issues.

It’s annoying when you forgot Apple ID and can’t sign in and, as a result, can’t activate iPad, whether it’s because you’re using a used iPad that a family member or friend gave you or because you just forgot your Apple ID and password.


Is it possible to use an iPad without Apple ID?

You’ve come to the right place if you need to activate iPad but don’t know or have forgotten your Apple ID and password.

You will learn how to activate and unlock iPad without Apple ID and password in this post, along with getting some of your questions about it answered.

Now that we’ve gone through them, let’s put your iPad to good use!

Activate iPad without Apple ID and password via Apple ID Unlocker

If you don’t know who the previous owner of your iPad is, or you forgot Apple ID, and you wonder how to unlock the activation lock on your iPad without Apple ID, you should use a professional Apple ID unlocking tool like AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker.

Even if you don’t know the phone number associated with your account, the answers to your security questions, the previous owner, etc., AnyUnlock can still assist you in removing your Apple ID and unlocking your iPad with ease.

The following are AnyUnlock’s key features:

You can download AnyUnlock and use the instructions below to activate and unlock iPad without Apple ID or password:

Step 1: Open AnyUnlock on your computer. From the home page of the app, select the option Unlock Apple ID. Press the Start button once.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to the PC. If you have never trusted your computer before, tap “Trust” on your iPad when prompted. The UI below will appear once your iOS device has been identified. Next, click the Unlock Now button.

Step 3: After that, AnyUnlock will instantly delete Apple ID. Please wait until your gadget resumes before unplugging it. Please refrain from closing AnyUnlock during this time.

Step 4: After the removal procedure is finished, the interface will show “Apple ID removed successfully”.

NOTE: Additionally, refrain from erasing or restoring your iPad’s content and settings via iTunes. By doing this, AnyUnlock will be unable to remove the Apple ID again, and you will have to use the original Apple ID to activate your iPad following a restart.

If AnyUnlock doesn’t instantly begin unlocking your Apple ID after you click Unlock Now, you may have enabled Find My iPad.

So, without Apple ID, how do I activate an Apple device? Just follow a few more easy steps and use AnyUnlock to accomplish it.

This is the advice:

Step 1: Launch AnyUnlock > Click Unlock Apple ID > Click the Start button, connect your iPad to your computer, and then select Unlock Now.

Step 2: Verify that the two-factor authentication is enabled in accordance with the on-screen instructions and that the screen passcode is activated. Click Continue.

Step 3: Download the firmware. Click Unlock Now once more and wait for the unlocking process for Apple ID and password to be finished after the download is finished.

NOTE: Users using iOS 11.4 and later should use this manual. Please click the specific tutorial if the iOS version on your iPad is less than 11.4. The information on your iPad will be deleted after unlocking. Before unlocking your Apple ID, please make a backup of your iPad.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password

Can an iPad be unlocked without Apple ID? Yes, of course. There are two distinct ways to unlock iPad without Apple ID.

You can use many methods to access the iPad, depending on whether you are using a repurposed model or simply forgot Apple ID password you used to activate it.

Let’s go over each one individually to assist you to figure out how to activate an iPad without Apple ID and password.

For your own iPad if you forget the password

If you forgot Apple ID password, the simplest way to get back into your own Apple ID is to log in and reset it. You will get a password-reset notification on another Apple device, such as a Mac or an iPhone, when you have access to it.

You can reset your Apple ID password by following the instructions in the message.

For information on how to activate an iPad without Apple ID or password, please check the details below:

  1. Visit the iCloud webpage.
  2. Forgotten your Apple ID or password? Click here.
  3. To continue, type in the Apple ID that is associated with your iPad.
  4. Click “Continue” after providing the Apple ID-related phone number.
  5. On the phone for which the previous step’s entry of the number will have resulted in a message to “Reset Apple ID Password,” you will see it. Select “Allow”.
  6. When prompted, enter your iPhone’s password.
  7. For your Apple ID, create a new password and confirm it.

TIP: You can also contact Apple Support if you are unable to correctly generate a new password for your Apple ID.

For the second-hand iPad

In the alternative case, you can be using a used iPad whose previous owner neglected to reset it or delete the Apple ID from it.


How can an iPad be unlocked in this situation without Apple ID or password? You can choose to use an iPad’s iCloud activation lock removal tool to unlock and activate iPhone or iPad without Apple ID or password, or you can ask the previous owner to remove iCloud activation lock from the device remotely.

The following are the precise procedures to remove the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID if you can get in touch with the prior owner.

However, you can skip to Part 2 of this tutorial if you don’t know who the previous owner is and want to learn how to bypass activation lock on and activate iPad without them.

Here’s how to remotely delete stuff on an iPad to unlock it from the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID or password:

  1. Log in to the iCloud account for the previous owner.
  2. Tap “Find iPhone.”
  3. To view a list of all your devices connected to this iCloud account, click “All Devices.” Select the iPad.
  4. Then select “Erase iPad.”
  5. After the deletion is finished, select “Remove from Account.”

With the assistance of the previous owner, you have now figured out how to unlock and activate iPad without Apple ID or password. Additionally, this is how to bypass activation lock on iPad without a computer.

NOTE: Please be aware that the aforementioned procedures require wiping clean the iPad’s settings and data. Without a prior backup, they cannot be recovered.

Pay attention before buying a second-hand iPhone

While getting a secondhand iPhone can be a wonderful price, there are a few things to watch out for to prevent getting a useless handset.

1. Make sure it’s not stolen

Make sure the iPhone hasn’t been stolen using Apple’s activation lock status tool before you buy it from an eBay seller or exchange cash in person.

To verify that this is not a stolen iPhone, you will require the vendor to supply the device’s IMEI or serial number.

2. Check the activation lock

To access the iPhone normally and avoid being prompted for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, make sure the activation lock is turned off. Ask the vendor to turn it off for you if it’s on.

  • The device is still connected to the account of the previous owner if you see the activation lock screen.
  • The device is not wiped whether you view the passcode lock screen or the Home screen.

NOTE: Buy used iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches without a screen lock or activation lock. Please examine the following criteria and get in touch with the seller if you come across gadgets with screen locks and activation lock.

Ask Apple Support for help

This final approach is for people who have trouble using computers and iPads and might need some physical assistance if they become locked out of their iPad. Visit the website and select “Apple assistance support” to get started.

The option to contact Apple support there will take you to a website where you can specify your issue as having an Apple ID and password. You will then select “Help with activation lock” from the menu.

After that, you can decide if you want to call right away or arrange it. Your name, email address, and Apple ID will be required, and it won’t take the Apple staff more than two minutes to call you.

If there is an Apple Store nearby that is open, you can also go to that Apple Store to solve your issue. In this situation, if you’d like, you can schedule a genius-bar appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove previous owner’s Apple ID from an iPad?

Alternatively, select your name and picture from the Settings menu. An Apple ID screen will appear after selecting “View Apple IDs.”

When prompted, please enter your username and password. In the following window, select “Delete the device” and input your Apple ID password.

Can iPad be activated without Apple ID?

Yes, of course. To activate an iPad, you can utilize AnyUnlock to deactivate your Apple ID.

Refer to Part 1 of this article for comprehensive instructions.

How do I activate my iPad if I forgot my Apple ID and password?

By following these steps in Apple Support, you can activate iPhone or your iPad if you forgot Apple ID or password:

  1. On the Apple device, launch the Apple Support app.
  2. Reset Password can be found under Support Tools if you scroll down.
  3. Select “An alternative Apple ID.”
  4. To reset your password, enter your Apple ID, select Next, and then adhere to the prompts on the screen.


You should be able to know how to activate iPad without Apple ID and password using the techniques listed above! Naturally, the most practical method is AnyUnlock, which can handle any Apple ID unlocking circumstances.

Stop debating and act now! Download AnyUnlock right away to activate iPhone or activate iPad and start using them without restrictions!

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