A gradual and useful guide on how to clean iPhone speaker slot

iPhones are one of the most used gadgets in our time, especially because of the quality of communication, which is not only supported by the latest App Store applications but also the very characteristics of the iPhone allow you to have the same good connection with the interlocutor as if you were sitting in the same room and talked just using ears and the mouth.

However, now a huge problem has become the pollution of the iPhone speaker slot, which occurs with almost every user, since the iPhone, due to the user-friendly location of the speaker slot or speaker holes, there is no screen protector from which the phone speaker slots can become dirty, this article will help you to clean iPhone speaker slot.

how to clean iPhone speaker slot

Why your iPhone speaker slot is becoming dirty?

Before you learn how to clean iPhone speakers, you first need to understand what exactly made your iPhone speaker holes dirty.

This will help you better understand the problem and also find ways to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Below are the reasons why your iPhone speaker gets dirty and their description.

Dirt stuck

Food can fall into this category, or just dirt that randomly gets inside your iPhone speaker holes. For example, if you eat something like bread, crumbs can get stuck inside the speaker slot. Or, if you were gardening and then picked up an iPhone, your iPhone ear speaker is already dirty. You should clean iPhone fully after every interaction with such things.


In this case, the soiling of the iPhone speakers is due to dust that can collect inside the speaker holes. To avoid this, you need to constantly clean the iPhone and not leave it in places where you know that there is a lot of dust, for example, the floor in the room, and you put the phone there, due to the inconvenience of charging location.


This can happen when, for example, you wash your hands and put the phone on the surface of the sink, after which water drops get into the iPhone speaker, or the iPhone itself falls into the water, from which the consequences can be even worse than just a sound breakdown. Remember, the interaction of the iPhone with water is prohibited.

What will happen if you wouldn’t clean your iPhone speaker slot?

Since you are now familiar with the possible ways of pollution, it will be strange not to tell you about the consequences. You must understand that even with the slightest hit of a particle of something in your iPhone and the absence of an immediate clean iPhone procedure, your iPhone simply refuses to work normally.

Below, you can see the possible consequences of dirt on the iPhone speaker.

Audio quality and sound quality

Dirt in the iPhone speaker can completely degrade the sound quality. For example, the audio that you will be listening to may have a much lower volume or vice versa, the phone speaker may make a rather unpleasant grunting sound that will completely spoil and distort the quality and meaning of the sound recording.

Quality of making sound included content

Not only can your audio experience be ruined, but a dirty iPhone speaker can distort the sounds you create and try to record. More often than not, the phone speaker simply stops recording audio, which can make your voice messages look staccato and their meaning completely lost. Or, as in the first case, an unpleasant sound may appear.

Worse communication

You must understand and be aware that a damaged iPhone speaker will not only spoil the already recorded audio recordings but will also significantly worsen your calls with people in real time. For example, you have a business meeting, but the phone speaker makes the information from your colleague illegible, which can affect the quality of work and speech.

How do I clean my iPhone speaker port with different items?

Cleaning an iPhone speaker is a process that requires not only time and attention but also preparation. Procedures before cleaning are needed so that dirt from other places does not get into the phone speakers and so that the cleaning methods themselves are easier since your iPhone will be more prepared and comfortable.

Clean iPhone

The iPhone speaker is not the first thing to start cleaning, you must understand that if your entire phone is dirty, then there is no point in cleaning the dirt from the speaker. Take a soft cloth and glass cleaner, but don’t use it on the phone itself, clean your iPhone with a fabric that’s been lightly soaked in cleaning soap.

Location of iPhone speakers

To clean iPhone speakers, you should understand where speakers are located so that you will not clean them, for instance charging ports and after that be upset that the audio quality didn’t become better. Ear speakers are located on the screen of your phone and are looking like just a gray bar, and other speaker slots are located around the charger port.

Method to clean iPhone speakers with household items

Below, you can see methods to clean your iPhone speaker with things, that you can find easily at home. Furthermore, these methods are safe and pose almost no risk if you follow all the instructions. So, they can become your routine actions for cleaning the device, which will improve its performance of making and providing audio.

Soft Toothbrush

This method is considered one of the most effective to clean iPhone speakers, since the toothbrush is designed in such a way that its hair penetrates the narrowest places, due to which even small holes with dirt in the speaker may not be hard to reach, as, unlike other brushes, toothbrush hairs are very thin but strong enough to take stuck dirt out.

You must use a very soft toothbrush; otherwise, the hairs can get stuck in the speaker or simply damage the insides of your iPhone.

Also, while cleaning, you should gently scrub, as if you apply too much force, you can damage your smartphone and worsen the sound situation, by damaging the upper protective mush or causing dirt to get deeper.

Paintbrush or Painter’s tape

In this method, you can clean iPhone speaker with a soft-bristled brush, which is mainly used by painters. Unlike a toothbrush, a paintbrush is more gentle to the speakers, as even hears of it is more like real hair, but on the other hand, it will help in the situation of not proper dirt but the appearance of dust, that will just surface cleaning and not strong deep cleansing.

Just grab a soft-bristled brush and swipe the tip over the speaker ear and speaker around the charging port, doing this very carefully, as the hairs fall off more easily and can remain, plus you can even dampen the brush quite a bit to improve the cleaning effect, but in any case, do not overdo it, as you will cause direct entry of liquid into the internal system of the iPhone.

Wooden or plastic toothpick

In this method, you can clean iPhone speaker with just a small toothpick. This method can be called much more convenient than the previous two because at least the toothpick does not contain so many small villi or hairs that can easily penetrate inside the phone.

Moreover, we recommend using a plastic toothpick, as wooden ones can cause splinters not only on your phone but even on your skin. However, be very careful when using both toothpicks. With a sharp tip, you can scrape dirt off the surface of the speaker, if you push too hard, you can even pierce the sound isolation mesh, which will be complete damage.

Adhesive tape

This method to clean iPhone speakers may be called the easiest and the safest of all others. Firstly, this method is harmless to the iPhone because nothing can get into the audio system, since in fact, you are just using adhesive tape. Secondly, this method is just as safe as a toothpick, since it will be impossible to injure yourself.

Peel off a piece of tape and place it on the speaker slot, after which, when the glue has absorbed all the dirt, you can remove the tape and check the result. We can say that this method will cope better with dust than with dirt; however, the tape can also capture small particles of dirt.

The main thing is to check that there are no sticky marks left inside the iPhone and on the iPhone, as it may cause serious damage that will not be even solved by professionals, as chemical components of glue and adhesive tape may be very dangerous.

Guide on how to clean iPhone speaker slot with compressed air

Below you can see the phone speaker clean method which is connected using compressed air professional stuff.

Firstly, it must be said that this method is very different from all mentioned and furthermore, may cause serious damage with the wrong usage, but on the other hand, if you fill that you need strong and serious cleansing, you can try it.

Find compressed air cans

First of all, of course, you need to find cans with compressed air. You can find it online, or even just go to a computer cleaning and repair shop, where is a variety of stuff, furthermore, you may even have a conversation with a professional which will be the best for your phone, as some cans are made for computer usage only.

Furthermore, it is better for you to wear gloves and a mask during the process, as in some resources it is being said that compressed air is very similar to poison, which can’t be used and composed by people, so it would be better not to risk and make sure, that you and anyone who will be around will be safe during the process of cleaning.

Connect the straw

Now connect the straw, which will help you to make air reach a specific point, to the can itself. And press once to check how firmly the straw is fixed and if you see that the air does not pass through the tube, but rather dissipates in space, try to put the tube deeper and try again. Again, better to test it with a distance between your face and the can.

Blow compressed air

When you checked everything and are completely sure about the path of air, you can try to clean iPhone ear speaker or remove dirt by just blowing the air inside the speakers.

Do not put the straw into the speaker itself, try to keep a distance of at least 1 cm between a slot and a straw.

Check the result

After that, you can change the result, not only by turning the audio but physically just by looking at your phone’s speaker, and you will see those tiny dust particles and dirt itself removed.

Now you know how to clean your iPhone speaker with compressed air, but still, be very cautious and be sure to read all of the safety instructions.

Mechanical inside method on how to clean iPhone speaker slot

This method contains the usage of the phone’s internal electrical components. Firstly, we should warn you that any, even the smallest mistake, in the following instruction may lead to serious problems, so try to be as cautious and attentive

Get rid of the rare cover from iPhone

Use a spudger to do that, don’t try to only use your hand, you will simply

get rid of the metallic cover that is responsible for shielding iPhone speakers

This metallic cover isn’t covering all the inner mechanisms of the iPhone, but just the ear speaker fragment.

Clean iPhone speakers with rubbing alcohol

Now you can clean iPhone speaker with even specialized wipes or cloth, which is impregnated with rubbing alcohol.

Get rid of one more rear piece

You should do this only if you still have a problem reaching the speaker of your phone.

Check the result

Now you need to cautiously connect all covers and turn on your phone to see that the inner system didn’t get damaged.

It would be fair to say that this method of cleaning phone speakers is one of the most dangerous, as it should be performed by professionals to not come up with unexpected consequences, such as a damaged operating system.

How do I clean my iPhone speaker charger slot?

To clean iPhone speaker charger slot you can use all methods that were discussed above, but it should be said the best method will be a toothpick, as in contrast with the ear speaker, the charger slot is much deeper and a toothpick with its length and narrowness will be useful to remove speaker dirt from speaker hole.

How do you clean a dirty iPhone ear speaker?

In contrast to the charger slot, it would be important to say that the easiest way to clean iPhone ear speaker is whether a toothbrush or paintbrush, as they are mostly used for dust, and because of a specific feature of ear speaker, dust is more likely to get into ear iPhone’s speakers, that just other dirt.

What should I do if the methods didn’t help?

Methods of cleaning the iPhone speaker maybe not be helpful for you, for instance, if you have a long period problem with your speaker.

Apple support

In this situation, only help and conversation with Apple support will help you to clean your phone speaker.

Furthermore, they will guide whether you need to fix the speaker or whether it would be easier to get a new device.

How quickly check the sound quality after cleaning iPhone speakers?

After cleaning the iPhone speaker, it is important to check, if the quality of sound did change, you could do this by following the steps below:

Go to settings

  • Then press on sound and haptics
  • Find ringtone and alert volume
  • Change volume power by just switching the controller

After that, the phone speaker should produce the type of ringtone you use, and you just need to check if the sound is clear now.

Can I clean my Samsung speakers using the methods in this article?

When reading this article questions for Samsung users could appear, we should say that the same methods could be used for other companies’ phones as well, as most speaker mechanisms are similar to each other, so you can choose the method that you think will be the most suitable for your Samsung device, for instance, you can choose “Gently brush” to get rid of dust.


To sum everything up, it must be said that to clean iPhone speaker holes you need to understand which method suites the best, according to the items you want to use, whether it is household items or professional stuff like compressed air cans, which will make “speaker slot accumulates dust and dirt” problem solvable.

We hope that now the question “how to clean iPhone speaker slot?” will not be problematic for you. Furthermore, you will be more confident in the physical condition of your iPhone and will understand, that even when the screen is really clean, it doesn’t mean that there is no dirt in other mechanic components of your smartphone speakers.

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