A comprehensive and clear guide on how to disconnect iPhone from Apple TV

Apple has long stepped over the production of just phones, computers, and watches. Now users can enjoy streaming services like Apple Music or Apple TV permanently and under the label of one company.

Apple TV is a device and streaming service with which you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and series online and on TV. It’s a pretty handy device, and it’s because of its features that more and more people are switching to Apple TV.

And although for many, the ability to control a TV using an iPhone is a huge advantage and convenience, users may wonder how to use an iPhone connected to an Apple TV if they no longer want to use it as a remote control and want to disconnect Apple TV.

In this article, you can find the answer to the main question: how to disconnect an iPhone from Apple TV, using various methods, such as airplay mirroring or screen mirroring.

how to disconnect iPhone from Apple TV

How do I get my phone to stop using my Apple TV remote?

Your iPhone may well replace the functions of the remote control for Apple TV or be its assistant and replacement while using Apple TV, in particular, this is convenient in order not to look for physical remote control and simply, even during SMS communication, switch channels on the TV.

But, if this is a problem for you and, on the contrary, you want to disconnect iPhone from Apple TV using the remote control, then read the method below.

The method to get rid of the connection between iPhone and apple tv remote.


To get started, you need to select remote app, and open the Settings app menu with your Apple TV remote, specifically, this settings menu is called the quick access menu. Once the Settings app is open, select the airplay option on the apple tv app.

Control apple devices.

After you clicked on the airplay button, you should have a function and an option to “control other speakers and TVs” in the tv app.

Use your Apple TV remote to select and click on this button, which will be the last button you should have in order to disconnect iPhone apple tv remote.

Find the iPhone icon button.

Once you have selected the iPhone’s control center in the Settings app or control other speakers feature, you will be presented with a list of connected devices.

Select your phone’s icon in the remote app and it will automatically remove Apple TV connection from your iPhone.

How do I unlink my Apple TV?

Below you can find the steps to unlink Apple TV from iPhone or, in other words, disconnect Apple TV device and iPhone.

Turn off devices.

First, you need to turn off your iPhone and Apple TV to see if this will disconnect apple tv from iPhone almost immediately when turned off.

However, if the Apple TV screen still displays a connection with the iPhone when turned on, then you can continue this method.

Check wifi connection.

You need to check the connection of your iPhone to the wi fi network and also the connection of your Apple TV in order to disconnect Apple tv from iPhone.

Both devices must be connected to the same wi fi network, to check this you need to go to the settings and it will be even better if both the iPhone and the Apple TV are authorized in the same Apple ID, since then the Internet connection will be automatic.


In the settings of the iPhone screen itself, check if all devices connected to this device are turned off such as apple tv are turned off.

Erase all content and settings.

Now, turn on your Apple TV, go to the control center and reboot your Apple TV, then click on the “erase all content and settings” button.

This action will finally disconnect Apple TV from iPhone.

Screen mirroring way

First, you need to open the control center, for this, you just need to swipe up on the iPhone, there you will find an icon with two screens, this is the screen mirroring button.

Click on it, and below you will have all airplay devices displayed, you don’t need to select Apple TV, just click on the “stop screen mirroring” button in the control center, and in this way, using only the “screen mirroring” option, you can disconnect Apple TV from iPhone.

How do I stop AirPlay on my iPhone?

For this method, you only need your iPhone apple tv remote.

Method to get rid of connection between iPhone and apple tv with Airplay

Airplay and Handoff

First, open your smartphone and in order to disconnect your iPhone from Apple TV, go to the Settings app, then click on the General option.

Under the airdrop icon, you will find the AirPlay icon, which is what you need next.

Switch Airplay.

You do not need to remove Apple TV from automatically AirPlay-connected devices, just go to the Airplay and Handoff section, click on the “Automatically Airplay to TVs” button and then select “never”, “ask”, and “automatic” from the list.

In order to disconnect Apple TV from iPhone, you need to select the “never” option, because then your iPhone will automatically disconnect from all TVs and it will be easier for you to select one TV system to connect back to by selecting the “ask” item.


After that, restart your Apple TV and check the result. Using all the steps, you should be able to disconnect Apple TV from iPhone, but if this does not happen, try again every step and restart your iPhone in order to reset the chosen settings.


To sum up, it may be said that disconnection apple tv from iPhone is a rather difficult task, especially because of the many ways to bring it to life and the misunderstanding of which one is right for you.

In this article, you can find different instructions for breaking the connection between two devices using the Apple TV remote or the iPhone itself with its settings.

Also, in this article, you will find the answer to the question of how to make sure that your phone never connects to the TV using airplay. And of course, now you are well acquainted with the guide on how to disconnect iPhone from Apple TV.

We hope that this article helped you solve all the inconveniences associated with using an iPhone and Apple TV at the same time, and now you can safely enjoy your mobile device and watch your favourite shows without the accompanying digital inconvenience.

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