Detailed graduational instruction on how to fix dead pixels on iPhone

Phones have long ceased to be tools only for communication. In the modern world, the phone more and more often replaces the functions of other gadgets, be it an alarm clock, a computer, a camera or a music player.

However, one of the most outstanding features of such a gadget, such as an iPhone, is to view videos and photos in good quality and with good colour reproduction. We enjoy these functions because of the coloured pixels, which, when combined, create for us a picture of hundreds of small cells or picture elements.


Pixels, despite their small size, affect the appearance of the entire screen of your iPhone, and therefore, if dead pixels or stuck are present on your phone, especially in large numbers, it will be difficult not to notice them and it will spoil the work and colour reproduction since there will be a loss of picture elements.

In this article, you will find information about dead pixels and stuck pixels, and you can also find the answer to the main question “how to fix dead pixels on iPhone?”.

Stuck and dead pixel

как исправить битые пиксели на айфоне

Pixels, when broken, may differ from each other, so it is customary to divide them into two categories: stuck pixel and dead pixel. Below, you can see information about the differences between these pixels, as well as general information for those who want to fix stuck pixels or dead pixel.

Stuck pixels

Many people say that you can fix stuck pixel much easier than dead ones. Stuck pixel it has colour and doesn’t lose it. That is if the stuck pixel shone yellow before the breakdown, then now it is also yellow, if the stuck pixel is red, then now it is also red.

In addition, the colour transfer in the pixel is not broken, and it is not burned out, because of this, its repair can also be easier and is associated with the phone’s processor itself.

Dead pixels

A dead pixel does not render colours at all, which is why fixing it seems much more difficult than fixing stuck pixels. A dead pixel is grey and is easier to notice during use than a stuck pixel, since it, against the background of the colourful range of other picture elements, will be the only one that will not show any pixels light on the iPhone screen.

Can a dead pixel be fixed?

Dead or stuck pixel, of course, can be fixed, but for dead pixel, this procedure will be much more difficult, since the strip is associated with the physical settings and characteristics of the phone, which will be difficult for a non-professional to notice and even more so to repair.

Can Apple fix dead pixels?

Dead or stuck pixels can be fixed by apple. Moreover, this method is the most efficient and fastest, easiest to perform, and even more reliable.

You need to come to the Apple Store centre and after that find a master who can solve your problem.

You can consult with a master, since it is possible that buying a new gadget will cost you much less than replacing an old iPhone screen, then give your gadget into the hands of a professional apple store representative and wait until your iPhone is fixed.

How do you get dead pixels off your phone?

Below you can see the methods that are suitable for fixing stuck or dead pixel.

Method to fix stuck pixels.

To get started, you need to visit this site, created specifically for fixing the screen of a standard iPhone.


Next, just scroll down until you see the “Launch Jscreen Fix” button, this option will help you get rid of defective pixels.

choose dead pixel.

After your phone has been diagnosed by the site, take the pixel fixer frame and transfer it to the area of ​​the screen where the defective pixel or defective pixels are located, if there are a lot of them in one place.

Now you need to wait 10-15 minutes for the site to detect defective pixels and bring them back into normal working mode.

Check the result.

Now all you need to do is check if the site did its job correctly and if the picture element or screen elements are properly filled and properly working.

Methods to fix dead pixels

Pressure FIX

All you need for this method is a gadget with a dead pixel on the screen and a cloth. Take the phone and track exactly where the dead picture element is, then click on this dead pixel area.

This method is called “pressure fix”, precisely because you are using pressure to fix the pixel.

However, it is worth noting that the pressure must be added carefully and not too much, the finger must be in the fabric so as not to activate the phone. In this way, the pressure is used to excite lazy pixels.

Heat FIX

For this method, you will need a gadget in which you want to fix a dead pixel, as well as a cloth, hot water and gloves. This method is called “heat”, precisely because you are using heat so that pixels in which the liquid crystal flow didn’t properly fill can work normally under the spread of heat.

Take hot water, close in temperature to boiling, for example, from a kettle, then lower the cloth there and then, take the hot cloth with gloves and put it on the phone. Be careful, because if used incorrectly, this way to fix dead pixel can harm you and the gadget.

How do I permanently fix a dead pixel?

The methods described above can be effective, however, with constant use, you can worsen the situation and break the iPhone completely.

It is better to note that the permanent way to fix a dead pixel is to consult and help from Apple since you will not harm your phone and also, and they will be able to explain to you the reason for the appearance of defective pixels.

However, it should be said that it is impossible to get rid of dead pixels forever and it is also impossible to predict their appearance since phones tend to age and break after a while, but with constant diagnostics, your gadget can be useful for much longer.


To sum up, it may be said that Failed pixels on iPhone are not a verdict, on the contrary, this is a normal and common problem among users.

We hope that this article helped you understand how to fix a dead pixel, how problematic pixels on iPhone differ, and whether you should fix the phone yourself, or still entrust it to a professional.

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