How to hear FaceTime screen record: detailed tips for users

If you often use FaceTime on your iOS or Mac device, you’ve probably had questions about how to record a FaceTime call with sound.

Apple hasn’t included a built-in feature in calls to record a FaceTime video with your precious moments with sound and to save this screen recording for various purposes.

Therefore, this detailed guide will help those who dream of having their dialogues with loved ones with audio to preserve important memories.

how to hear facetime screen record

Can I screen record FaceTime with audio?

There are ways to record FaceTime audio even without third-party software. If you still want to save a FaceTime recording with sound, this article provides you with some effective tools to help you record a video FaceTime conversation on Mac and iOS devices.

Record FaceTime video with audio on iPhone/iPad

To record FaceTime with sound on your iPhone/iPad, use the built-in iOS Screen Recorder, which is available in software more recent than iOS 11.

To make a screen record with audio on the iPhone/iPad, you will struggle because the screen recorder is still in the process of being finalized by Apple’s developers.

The phone’s built-in audio recording tool which allows capturing FaceTime is full of glitches and interference.

To use this default tool that can capture a video call with sound, use the following instructions:

In case you are a user of an Apple mobile device with an iOS system, first, make sure that the program is installed in the Control Center of your iPhone. Besides, how to install it in the Control Center?

Open the “Settings” app first and find the “Control Center” tab. Swipe the screen down below and find “Screen Recording”. This tab contains many different tools that you can drag and drop into the iOS Control Center (just tap the green “+” near the icon). There you go! Now you’ll be able to see the default tool you need on your Home screen.

Let’s begin to record FaceTime:

Make a FaceTime call, open the app, and you can begin recording.

Next, open Control Center on your phone as you always do by swiping at the top of the screen. The built-in recorder will be there if you have iOS version 11 or newer.

You can now tap on the gray screen recording button in the bottom half of the Control Center on the screen. It will start recording, a countdown timer will go on until you can record FaceTime calls (you have 3 seconds).

Hold down the “Record Screen” option in the control center until the microphone option appears on the screen so that the audio in the FaceTime call is also recorded. The red button signals that the screen record of your FaceTime video is working. Also, you’ll have to adjust volume settings so that you have better audio output.

Once you’re done recording the screen, you have to press the red button at the top of your phone’s screen so that the recording of your FaceTime call stops. You will see a message confirming that the screen recording has stopped.

When you complete all of these steps, you will be able to watch the saved recording of your call with sound in your phone’s gallery.

Record FaceTime with audio on Mac

FaceTime recording on a Mac will be different from on an iPhone or iPad.

Instructions are below:

FaceTime calls with no internal sound on Mac

You can use the built-in app on your computer, which is called QuickTime. This is a media player that is installed on your Mac by default, and it is a video recording program that will help you record your screen in a flexible size.

With QuickTime, the user can edit and play video files.

You can share audio and video with users at your request.

To begin a screen record FaceTime, open the QuickTime Player app and select the “File” button from the menu. Next, tap on the “New Screen Recording” icon to open a new window. Click on the arrow and select the microphone.

Then you can start a FaceTime call. A red screen recording button will appear in the QuickTime media player, which you need to click to start capturing. You can complete the action using the “Stop” button.

The recorded FaceTime video is saved on your Mac.

FaceTime calls with sound on Mac

Depending on the device and the operating system of your Apple PC, you can use different ways to record a call with sound. Mac is particularly convenient for making group calls and conducting conferences since it has a large display.

Recording a screen with audio on a Mac is much easier than on an iPhone or iPad because the interface of the built-in app is intuitive. There’s an in-built screen recorder to capture screen calls (FaceTime, too) with sound in all versions of the Mac.

Here are some simple instructions:

  1. Screen record with Built-in system

This function lies in the screenshot tool at the bottom of the screen (triggered by the key combination Cmd+Shift+5). Search for it to record FaceTime video calls.

Among the functions in the panel, choose to start a full-screen recording (or you can capture only part of the screen). If you have multiple screens, the screen selection function will start when you hold down the record button for a couple of seconds.

This will work if your Built-in Microphone option is enabled (better check it, it would be a shame not to capture FaceTime audio).

You can also use the Mojave and Catalina programs developed by Apple to record a FaceTime call. After clicking the Capture tool control center, click on the Options button. Here you should click an icon to record your audio (or you can enable/disable the microphone).

How to stop the screen recording? You can click on the little “x” button at the top of the screen, or again run the Cmd+Shift+5 combination to stop recording.

You will find the resulting audio and video recording in your Film/Movies Stack folder.

  1. Screen record with QuickTime Player

Another way to record a FaceTime call: you can use Apple’s built-in QuickTime Player software. Find it by Cmd+Space > type in the QuickTime Player window that pops up.

First, launch the application. Using the “Select File” icon in the application menu, start “New Screen Recording” and configure the recording to capture FaceTime on the entire screen (click on the red dot and then on any place on the screen).

You can select a part of the screen to record with the cursor if that is more convenient. QuickTime Player will only record that section of the desktop.

So, how can you make sure the sound is saved? Press the “down arrow” next to the red dot that appears on the screen. Don’t forget to select the microphone option in settings. In case you are using an external microphone, make sure that it works correctly.

You can finally open FaceTime and make a call. The call will be recorded – if you want to stop recording, press the screen recording button on the menu bar.

Choose a file name and save the path in a new dialog box. Done, the audio and video recording is saved to your computer!

FAQs about how to record FaceTime with audio

In case you still have questions about the procedure of recording a FaceTime call with audio.

Why is there no sound when I screen record FaceTime?

Such restrictions on Mac and iOS devices are due to legal reasons: the developers are afraid that audio recording will alleviate the existence of Internet piracy. The law may answer the question of the legality of audio recording in a call in various ways.

Instructions were followed. Why is FaceTime with audio still not recording?

Check to see if you’ve enabled this feature in Apple settings. To record audio from a FaceTime video, hold down the “screen recording” option in Control Center until the microphone appears on the screen.

Why is a FaceTime screen capture saved without sound?

If you use any built-in communication app and the in-built screen recorder, the microphone on your device will turn off.

Developers are worried about user safety: hackers don’t get access to users’ private information.

Can FaceTime screen recording be done without the user’s knowledge?

Technically, it’s allowed: FaceTime doesn’t notify the caller if you’re using the screen record FaceTime function or any other third-party application to record FaceTime with audio.

Last few words about screen record FaceTime

Alright, now you’re familiar with some possible ways to record a call with sound when using FaceTime to share these recordings with other users or to keep their FaceTime calls as a keepsake.

When using and downloading third-party apps, remember to make sure that this feature is compatible with your Apple device.

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