How to remove expired subscriptions on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you probably have subscriptions, for example to music, book, or streaming services. And sometimes you view your subscription list and decide that some of them are no longer necessary.

Here in the article, we will clear you out how to manage subscriptions: what to do with expired subscriptions, how to cancel active subscriptions, and what to keep in mind while doing this.

What are expired subscriptions?

First of all, let’s determine what can be called an expired subscription. An expired subscription is a subscription that became invalid after some time.

For example, it happens when your period of usage of a free trial subscription comes to an end, usually after 30 days. And if you do not cancel it before this time, you will be charged for it on the next billing date.

Can I delete expired subscriptions on my iPhone?

It is a frequently asked question, and many iPhone users are interested in the possibility of this action. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete expired subscriptions by yourself, but in this case, you have an opportunity to contact Apple and ask them to delete expired subscriptions on your iPhone for you.

You can simply drop dynamic subscriptions on your Apple ID account; however, there is no way to delete expired subscriptions that are old and no longer available.

How long do expired subscriptions store on Apple ID?

Nonetheless, expired Apple subscriptions do not store on your phone forever. When one year passes, they are deleted. Your iTunes Store purchase history might be hidden, but it can’t be removed completely. You can try to remove your Apple ID with all the information and emails.

Can I cancel ongoing subscriptions?

Luckily, in contrast to expired subscriptions, which cannot be deleted, we can manage our active subscriptions at full strength. It is rather easy, and we have a guide on how to remove it in two possible ways. Also, you may apply this method to some other iOS devices like iPad and iPod touch subscription cancellation as well.

How do I cancel my subscription through the settings app?

Open the settings app on your device.

Click on your Apple ID in the upper part of your screen.

Scroll down and click on “Media and purchases”.

Next, click on the option “View account”.

Scroll down again and click on subscriptions.

Here you will see the list of your ongoing iPhone subscriptions.

Tap on the subscription you are willing to delete.

After that, click on “Cancel subscription” at the bottom of the screen.

And finally, tap on “Delete” to prove the cancellation. Done!

How to delete subscriptions on iPhone through the App Store?

Another proven way to delete subscriptions, using the App Store.

Firstly, open the App Store on the iPhone.

Click on your Apple profile icon in the upper-right corner.

Then, enter here your password, fingerprints, or your face ID.

After doing that, you’ll be taken to the account settings page.

Scroll down, tap on subscriptions, and you will be provided with the list of your active and expired subscriptions.

Tap on the subscription you want to delete and click on the “Cancel subscription” prompt. You have canceled the subscription.

How to cancel a recurring payment?

For that purpose, click on the sign-in button, log into your account and select “Billing” from the number of options. Here you can see the list of subscriptions on your iPhone and related payments.

Choose the required subscription from the subscription options and click “Cancel subscription”.

How to delete Mac subscriptions?

  • You can also face difficulties while deleting subscriptions on your Mac. But it is similar to the process of the cancellation on your iPhone, and not difficult to figure out. Use the instructions stated below.
  • To begin with, open the App Store application.
  • Next, sign in to your account or click on your name at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Scroll down and you will find subscriptions listed there.
  • Click on the option “Manage” and then on “Edit”.
  • Finally, select “Cancel subscriptions” and your subscription will be deleted on Mac.
  • Now you are aware of how to cancel a subscription on different Apple devices.

What to consider when you delete subscriptions

You may want to remove subscriptions from your iPhone for a few reasons. Maybe you have checked your subscriptions list and understood that some of them are not used often enough to subscribe to it for another month.

Or you could also look through all the apps and decide that there are some better apps from the Apple Store instead of these. If you have many subscriptions on the iPhone, mind these tips that may be useful.

How to cancel an Apple Watch subscription on iPhone

As stated before, it is not possible to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone or Apple Watch. Despite this, provided you follow the strategy stated below, you will find out how to cancel subscriptions to Apple Watch.

  • Open the Apple Watch and launch the App store.
  • Then choose the section “Records”.
  • Click on the “Subscriptions” option. There will appear information about your active subscriptions.
  • Pick the exact subscription you want to cancel.
  • Now you know how to cancel subscriptions on Apple Watch.

How to recover lost data on iPhone

You are already informed about all cancellation procedures on different devices. Additionally, we want to provide you with information about what to undertake in the situation of losing your data on your iPhone.

For that purpose, the special tool Tenorshare UltData helps to recover lost data from any iOS device. Many Apple customers use Tenorshare UltData and get back successfully the data from their iPhones. This useful tool supports recovering from iPhone without backup or from iTunes backup or iCloud. And 35+ data types are included to recover with ease.

Tips to manage your subscriptions on iPhone successfully

  • Make sure that you have learned thoroughly how to cancel a subscription because in some apps you may be charged after your subscription expires, and you haven’t noticed some steps in the procedure of cancellation.
  • You can use expiring subscriptions on the iPhone until the next paying date, even after you cancel it.
  • One more helpful tip is to set a notification on your iPhone to remind you about the expiration date of subscriptions. Consequently, you won’t forget to cancel the unnecessary subscription.
  • Do not forget that you are free to ask any questions and contact support if there are any problems with your iPhone settings or certain apps and subscriptions.

FAQ: How do I clear my Apple subscription history?

As stated before, you can’t delete subscriptions on iPhone when they are no longer valid, but you have a cancel option with your running subscriptions.

How long do expired subscriptions stay on Apple ID?

You may wonder how long there will be expired subscriptions on iPhone, and when they will be removed. The answer is a year – after that period, your expired subscriptions on iPhone will be deleted.

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