How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone? A quick answer

Today’s modern world allows cell phone owners to block some contacts to avoid their calls and SMS which we don’t want to answer. Meanwhile, have you ever wondered how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone?

How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone? Top Best Methods
How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone?

Blocking somebody

We receive incoming calls from not-blocked contacts and in case of having a missed call from them, we see their caller ID in our missed call history. In the case of contacts who are blocked by us, their calls get automatically restricted, and we do not receive any notifications.

How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone? Is it possible to see blocked messages? Can we unblock a blocked contact? Read this article and find out all the answers.

Blocked numbers: reasons

Why do we block somebody’s numbers on our phones? The reason is quite simple. We want to avoid annoying spam calls from unknown callers.

People’s numbers are constantly being distributed on social networks, and databases of personal data are sold on the Internet or stolen by hackers. We can try to block these unknown calls and SMS in such situations.

What happens when an iPhone user blocks your number?

In the situation when an iPhone user blocks your contact, you will know it when you try to contact him or her. Your text messages, usual, and FaceTime calls won’t reach the user.

Bear in mind that once you have restricted somebody’s number on your iPhone, it is impossible to see their missed calls and SMS messages even after unblocking it. In this case, an iPhone user has to resend his or her message. Only then you will see it.

How to block someone’s phone number?

It doesn’t matter whether you have iPhone 10, iPhone 12, or another model, the principle is the same. You still can block somebody’s number if you want to and get only those calls that are successful.

The iPhone devices do not show SMS, incoming, and missed calls from blocked numbers. Blocked callers don’t have the chance to reach out to us, and their phone calls do not show up as missed ones in the iPhone call history.

How can we block someone on our iPhones? Select any contact from your phone call log, at the bottom of the screen you will see the option to block it. Since this moment, you won’t receive any calls or SMS from this blocked contact.

In addition, the blocked number won’t have the possibility to contact you via such apps as email and FaceTime, as well as find you in searches. Moreover, you won’t see missed calls from them.

“Successful” calls

Searching for information concerning how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone, you can also see the phrase “successful calls”. What is it?

All the calls that appear in your phone’s call history can be called successful ones. Examples include missed, dialed, and received calls. It means that all calls from blocked contacts are automatically unsuccessful.

Missed calls from blocked numbers: the main information

Here is the main information about missed calls from blocked numbers, including the list of frequently asked questions and answers to them:

Can you see blocked missed calls iPhone?

Cell phones do not provide the ability to receive phone calls or any notifications from numbers that you have blocked. Thus, these blocked contacts cannot reach you in any way.

Can I see if a blocked number tries to call me?

When a blocked contact tries to reach out to you via calls, they will be automatically sent to your voicemail. At the same time, you won’t see any notifications of missed calls from them.

How do you get notified of blocked calls on iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot view missed calls from blocked numbers in missed or recent lists of calls. You have to unblock the blocked number to check if you have a missed call.

How can I see a blocked call history?

Nothing in the phone app shows blocked calls on your iPhone call log. They are not shown on the iPhone call record, either.

However, it is still possible to do if you use an Android phone. If you have Android, you can see all missed calls from blocked numbers because it has a special icon near the contact name.

How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone?

After answering questions about the work of the iPhone call log and your phone’s records, we can consider ways of receiving SMS and checking missed calls on the iPhone.

If you are still thinking about how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone in your incoming call history, you need to unblock restricted contacts or use the specific phone options.

How to unblock a contact on your phone?

To start with, take the phone and go to the settings app. After that, just tap on “Blocked” where you will find the blocked list. Find the blocked number you want to unblock and just tap on “Unblock”, that’s it. Now you can receive calls from this number and see its missed calls.

This method is very fast and simple. Now every SMS and missed call from the person is displayed on the screen of your iPhone.

Seeing missed calls from blocked numbers using your phone’s voicemail

Now we know how to unblock somebody’s number to see missed calls from them. What about voicemail?

Voicemail is quite an essential function on your phone, as you still can receive important messages from people after you missed their call. They just record it, and later you can listen to it.

If you want to check whether a person has left a voicemail for you, go to the voicemail window and find “Blocked Messages” down below. Just open it, and you will see all voicemails from contacts that are blocked on your iPhone.

Note that it is possible to see only if a number left a voicemail for you; otherwise you won’t be able to check it.

Seeing missed calls without being disturbed

If you do not want to be disturbed but still be able to see missed calls, there are two modes that you can use. They include:

Do Not Disturb mode

You can put your IOS device in “Do Not Disturb” (DND). It is the perfect choice for those who need complete silence but at the same time be able to see missed calls from contacts.

Go to the settings app and choose the DND function. You can also arrange a specific time during which you won’t get and see any notifications on your phone.

Now you can concentrate on important tasks without being disturbed, while all the calls will be sent to your voicemail. People prefer using DND while they are working or studying, as it is easier than blocking contacts.

Note that using this mode, you still can receive calls from some numbers if you want to. What you require is just to create the white list of callers by tapping “Allow calls” in your settings app.

Silent mode

As well as the Do Not Disturb mode, this mode helps you to stay concentrated and not disturbed by calls and messages. Using this mode, your phone still can receive alerts, calls, and messages, but in a low-pitched vibration.

In both ways, whether it is Do Not Disturb mode or Silent mode, there is no need for blocked numbers because you just turn off your notifications or the sound on your phone for a specific period.

What phone app can we use to receive calls from blocked contacts?

As a rule, you can’t see missed calls from blocked numbers. However, you can get this opportunity by installing some special apps.

For example, you may install the Firewall application on your phone. Because of this app, your call log will show all the missed calls.

What is the Firewall App?

The Firewall is a special application for iPhones that allows you to set up your calling modes. It also helps you to filter out suspicious and malicious traffic, as well as prevent attempts to hack your data.

How could Firewall be used for iPhone calls?

If a number is not in your whitelist, the Firewall app will ban it. Therefore, only filtered numbers can phone you, which is useful in terms of avoiding spam calls.

All the missed calls from blocked numbers will be shown in “Recents” in the app. You can define if it is a blocked number by the small red lightning sign next to it.

Be sure that your iPhone has iOS 11 or later; otherwise you won’t be able to install the Firewall app.

Note that the Firewall is not cost-free. You can use a free trial period to decide whether the app is appropriate for you.

How to see messages from blocked numbers on iPhone?

You have already found out how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone. Now it is time to check whether you can see text messages from blocked contacts.

To see messages from blocked numbers on iPhone, go to the settings app and choose “Blocked”. There you can find the Recent messages option.

All text messages sent by blocked numbers are there, so you will be able to read any of them.

In conclusion

Now you know how to see missed calls and messages from blocked numbers on iPhone. As you can see, unblocking the blocked numbers seems to be the only possible way of seeing their missed calls on your phone.

You can also use some modes or apps mentioned above if you don’t want to be disturbed but still see a missed call from somebody. Once you decide to block somebody’s contact, be aware of all drawbacks and inconveniences connected with it!

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