How to unlock iPad passcode without restore as a pro?

Many people have the issue of setting an iPad (apple ID) and then forgetting it.

And if they lose it, they’ll need to figure out how to unlock iPad passcode without restore.


Does it mean you need to erase your data to restore the iPad? Can you unlock iPad passcode without having to restore it?

Today, we will see how to unlock iPad passcode without having to restore it in easy and not-so-easy steps.

All problems with a disabled iPad

Before going to the methods to unlock iPad passcode without restore, you should identify which problem you face.

For example, if you forgot the passcode – all you need is to reset the forgotten bypass and touch ID and face ID on the screen.

However, if your device is completely disabled, there is a small program that can be downloaded for free that can help you in 4 steps. It is called 4uKey.

Connect the iPad to the PC and launch the program on its website.

iPad passcode will be set in minutes just follow the instructions.

Now you know in general how to unlock iPad passcode without restore but below are the details.

Method 1 – The best way to unlock iPad passcode without restore

Utilizing the WooTechy iDelock special tool is part of it. The best way to remove your iPad’s passcode without having to restore the iOS device is by using this method.

It is a multi-purpose utility that may be used to decrypt iTunes Encryption and the iPad passcode for the iPad lock screen.

Even individuals with minimal technological understanding can use it easily thanks to its user-friendly UI.

You don’t have to be a pro to manage this task, even a green hand can easily complete his task with a few clicks.

Run iDelock on your computer and choose the Unlock Screen Passcode option to utilize it. The recovery mode screen appears.

In the following step, synchronize a computer with the locked iPad using a USB cable and follow the on-screen directions to turn the device back to its initial settings.

You will be prompted to restart the iPad in DFU if iDelock is unable to recognize the device (or a recovery mode as a second option).

Enter “000000” to validate the unlock screen passcode procedure after downloading the firmware update.

Method 2- iTunes to unlock iPad passcode

Establishing a connection with iTunes, putting the device in recovery mode, and then restoring an earlier backup are the usual fixes.

Connect the iOS device to a USB cable and a PC after turning it off.

You must push the button and hold it for three seconds to open it. The Apple logo will be replaced shortly by the recovery logo.

While highly efficient at unlocking the iPad passcode without restore, this approach has the disadvantage of erasing some updates from an earlier version.

Method 3 – Apple store to “save” locked iPad or unlock iPad passcode without restore

To apply the method, you will erase all devices you have attached to the account.

FindMy is another method to erase iPad passcode without restore.

To know more details – see Find My Webpage.

If something goes wrong here, you can access the application through another divide such as iPhone for example.

As usual, all the information is kept in your personal apple account, so log in using the personal identification number in the iCloud account.

If you’re using the “Find My”, pick “All Devices”, in the limited IOS devices list- select your locked iPad from the list. Or use the search bar on the screen manually the exact one that you need now.

To finish the restore, choose the “Erase iPad” option.

The option to Erase This Device may be found in the pop-up box after selecting your iPad from the list of devices.

Method 4 – how to unlock iPad passcode without restore with Siri

To unlock iPad without having to reset the device’s operating system use this less effective method. Your personal assistant Siri.

The weakness of Sifi is that it can only be used to unlock the passcode for iOS 8.0 to 10.1 iPads. The steps are as follows.

On your locked iPad, long-press the Home button. Activate Siri.


After launching Siri, check the time by asking your assistant to display the IOS clock icon on the screen of your locked iPad.

Press the button for the world clock holding it on the screen.

Select “Select All” from the menu after tapping the “+” button, and type all you need.

To continue, follow with buttons “Share” – “Message” symbols in the sharing options.

Enter whatever in the “To” field on the new message’s details window and click “Return.” Tap “Add” after choosing the underlined text.

Almost there! Go to “Create New Contact” and click the “add photo” option. After that, press “Choose Photo” to upload images from your iPad’s album.

To unlock the Apple devices without restoring iPad, press the Home button after launching the photo app on the iPad.


  • How do I unlock my iPad if I forgot the password without restoring it?

If you have forgotten your iPad’s password, you can try entering the one password that you remember several times until the “iPad is disabled” message appears.

At this point, you can connect your iPad to iTunes on a computer you have synced with before, and then click “Reset.”

If you have recently backed up your iPad (apple ID), you’ll be able to restore your data from the recovery mode screen.

Alternatively, you can use Find My iPad to erase iPad and its password, but this will delete all data from your iPad.

  • Can iPad passcode be bypassed?

No, there is no legitimate way for unlocking iPad passcode.

Attempts to unlock iPad password by jailbreaking the device, or using third-party software, can compromise the security of your apple device and put your personal information at risk.

If you forget your iPad’s passcode, your best option is to follow the steps to erase and restore the device using iTunes or Find My iPad.

  • How do I unlock my iPad without disabling it?

If you want to unlock your iPad without disabling it, you can try using the “Find My iPad” feature to remotely erase the password.

This can be done by logging into your (apple ID) iCloud account from a web browser and clicking on “Find My iPad.”

If you have this feature enabled on your iPad, you’ll be able to erase the password and set up a new one. Another option is to connect your iPad to iTunes on a computer you have synced with before, and then click “Restore.”

If you have recently backed up your iPad, you’ll be able to restore your data from the backup.


The iPad will be disabled for security reasons if you have forgotten the passcode or have repeatedly entered the wrong passcode.

You are forced to do an iOS restore in such a situation to unlock the screen passcode or a screen lock. It is difficult to unlock an iPad password without restoring it because it is by far the only official method of doing so.

Furthermore, resetting an iPad to factory settings to unlock it has several drawbacks: you will ultimately erase all of your device’s settings (even the lock screen passcode) which may lead to losing data (all the photos, videos, and texts).

The other drawback is that when you restore iPad, iTunes won’t restore occasionally in IOS versions.

Restoring the operating system would result in the deletion of all your important data, regardless of whether you used iTunes or Find My iPad.

However, you can recover a disabled iPad without losing any data or everything if you’ve kept a backup of your crucial files on a computer (apple ID) or an external storage device.

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