Detailed gradational instruction on how to invert camera on FaceTime 

Apple products are becoming more and more popular among today’s gadget users. More and more people are switching to their products, not only because of their popularity, but also because of the new digital opportunities provided every year.

However, now not only physical devices like phones and computers can be provided by the company, but also digital applications inside an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, which are not inferior to other programs on the App Store in terms of convenience and quality.

FaceTime is one such program, where for user ID you can just use your Apple ID that is no match for its competitors in the field of video calls in terms of the quality of the iPhone camera image transmission and even audio calls.

However, due to the peculiarity of cameras, many people do not like their reflection because of the habit, so in this article, you can find ways to invert the camera so that your conversations take place in more comfortable conditions.

how to invert camera on facetime

Is FaceTime inverted or mirrored?

You can see yourself in the lens of a FaceTime camera just like you would see yourself in a mirror, so you can say that the image in the FaceTime video call is mirrored.

But do not worry, as the image of the camera itself may be unusual for you since in the mirror you are used to seeing one side and perspective, and only because of the habit you seem repulsive to yourself.

Furthermore, your interlocutor will not be amazed by the angle and unusual appearance of your face, since the camera transmits the same picture as if the person is sitting in the same room with you and looking at you.

how to invert camera on facetime

How to flip the FaceTime camera on iOS 12 and iOS 15?

Between software updates 12 and 14 there are a lot of differences in the design of the main screen and also applications.

Most of the changes have been in the design and use of the FaceTime app, such as different flip icon methods or flip front camera during FaceTime video call.

iOS 12-14:

In order to flip the real camera, you need to tap on the FaceTime screen during a video call. After that, click on your Apple devices on the three dots that will be at the bottom of your iPhone.

After that, a flip button or flip icon, tap the flip icon will appear, and now you can safely use the front-facing camera or vice versa the back camera even during a Group FaceTime call.

iOS 15:

In iOS 15 you can flip FaceTime camera more easily than on Software updates 14 and earlier. All you have to do is click on the FaceTime screen or the little square representing the picture of your front and rear camera.

After that, a button with an asterisk and a switch camera button next to it will appear in this small square.

Tap the flip icon and after that, the front view camera will change or the small camera on FaceTime on the phone screen will change to a rare camera.

It can be said that during a FaceTime video call on iOS 15, you can flip the camera on FaceTime with just two clicks.

Few ways to invert the FaceTime camera

Phone camera on FaceTime may be flipped by not only the average use of clicks during the video call.

If you want to go deeper into the possibilities of the flip camera during FaceTime video calls, below, you can see several ways to flip camera during FaceTime video calls.

Automatic prominence

Automatic prominence, during video call, can be used to enlarge the video icon of your friend or interlocutor during a conversation, that is, you will see the picture and data closer to the person you are talking to.

Click on the video icon during a call, then you will see the flip icon function, click on it to switch the front and rear camera.

Menu bar

This method will help you to flip FaceTime camera just by tapping the screen and calling the menu bar.

Once you have the menu bar displayed, press the flip icon button to switch from the rear to the front camera.

If you want to switch back from the front to the rear camera, simply tap the screen again, wait for the menu bar to appear, and tap the flip camera button again.

Method called Picture in Picture screen

Picture in-picture screen method helps you to invert the FaceTime camera, the same as iOS 15 FaceTime feature.

You need to click on the picture in picture screen that is visible to your interlocutor during the conversation, that is, the picture that is transmitted through one of the cameras.

During a FaceTime call, click on your little screen, and it will show you the switch camera button in the lower-right corner.

Click on it to switch to the front camera or rear camera. If you no longer need this button, just tap the screen again and it will disappear.

How do you make FaceTime not inverted?

If you are tired of the camera view and want to make it not inverted, then just click on the screen, after the menu bar, and click on the FaceTime camera icon, after that, you can safely switch the rare camera to the front camera on FaceTime or vice versa.

Click on the screen one more time, so that pop-up boxes, such as the menu bar, do not annoy you and enjoy the conversation or FaceTime chat from a convenient angle for you and your interlocutor.


It can be that if you want to flip the FaceTime camera, you need to know that it is a fairly simple feature that will help those who want to see their face from a certain camera roll photo angle or for them FaceTime calls can be business calls where the quality and angle of the picture are of paramount importance.

In this article, you can find the answer to the question of how to flip the FaceTime camera with different types of iOS and just different techniques. Phone cameras will now be completely under our control through methods such as automatic prominence.

You can easily switch to the small camera on your screen to use a private conversation with a person, or switch to the camera on the back of the phone, showing, for example, the view from the window in good multi-pixel quality.

We hope this article was able to help you and teach you to switch cameras in simple and step-by-step instructions with different ways for different phones so that your conversations are more productive.

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