iPhone randomly restarts: solutions to fix it

If you’re experiencing troubles with your iPhone’s work, you should be ready to solve them. One of the most common problems is that your iPhone randomly restarts.

In this article, you’ll find out about possible reasons and will find a way to fix the problem.

Why does my iPhone randomly restart?

iphone randomly restarts

Basically, the restart problems are connected with some sort of software and hardware problem. Let us look at the possible factors and find out which one is the reason for the damage.

Hardware problem

iphone randomly restarts

If the root of the problem is an iPhone’s hardware issue, the reasons can be:

  • you’ve spilled water or other liquid over your device
  • you’ve dropped your iPhone
  • your cell phone’s battery is outdated
  • other kinds of damage that could affect your iPhone’s work badly

Software problem

iphone randomly restarts

Sometimes your iPhone randomly restarts due to some iPhone software issues. Here are the most common:

  • you’ve failed to install the update in time
  • the update was not installed successfully
  • you’ve installed some faulty apps

Types of restarting

Before looking for a solution, you should identify the type of restart problem. Sometimes you need to take different steps according to the concrete situation.

Basically, there are three possible restarting types:

Random restarts

That’s a situation when your iPhone randomly restarts from time to time, but still, you can use it and have access to the interface.

In that case, finding the solution is more accessible and a single update can help you.

Restart loop

This problem is more serious, e.g., your device is stuck in a restart loop, and you cannot utilize it at all.

To stop this circle, you’ll need to spend some time finding a solution.

Restarting while charging

It’s also possible that your iPhone restarts during the charging. Here the problem can be connected to the charging port.

Sometimes the charging port cleaning can help your device out. You can do it with a needle, just be careful.

What to do if your iPhone randomly restarts?

So, we’ve figured out what factors can damage the iPhone and characterized your problem. What exactly should be done to stop the restarting of your device?

Here is the list of solutions that you can try. Some of them will certainly solve your problem.

Delete the bad apps and junk files

Probably, you’ve installed some hazardous app or file that brings harm to the software and doesn’t allow the iPhone to work properly. You can check it yourself and identify the apps that are the reasons for the iPhone restarts.

Unlock your iPhone and find Settings on the Home screen. Tap the Battery icon and select the Show activity option. Then select Show Deleted Usage, where you’ll see the apps and services that bring damage to the software. Also, there will be displayed background activities for each of them.

If you want to see the detailed usage in percentage, tap Battery Usage. There are the Last 24 hours and Last 10 days options.

This is a very efficient way that will give you a detailed analysis of your app’s usage, and you’ll see which are the root of your problem. Once you’ve found it out, remove all the apps that ruin the device’s work.

Unlock the device and find the hazardous app icon on the Home screen. Tap this icon and hold it until all your apps start shaking. Then tap the X button in the left upper corner of the icon. Select it and tap Delete option. Then return to the Home screen to stop the icons from shaking.

Thus, you’ll get rid of the bad apps that were obstacles to the device’s normal work. If your iPhone randomly restarts from time to time, this way can easily solve this problem.

iOS update

If you want to prevent your iPhone from software update bugs and glitches, try to update all the iOS versions in time. Sometimes you fail to do it and, among the possible consequences, there are random restarts of the device.

To fix this problem, check whether there are uninstalled updates and install them.

Go to the Home screen and tap Settings icon. Open the General option and tap the Software Update. If there is a new iOS version available, select Download and Update. Remember that your iPhone should be connected to Wi-Fi to update successfully.

Also, there is a way to manage the iOS update via iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the computer where the iTunes app is installed, launch it, and follow the iTunes instruction displayed on the screen. Finally, reboot the device.

Thus, you’ll install the latest version of iOS without problems. If the issue was in the updates, it can help you stop the random restarts of the device.

Update apps

One more possible factor that causes random restarts of the iPhone is some apps that were not updated in time. Some of them have many updates as the developers yearn to fix bugs and optimize the work of the app.

That’s why you should make sure that you’ve installed the last versions of your apps.

Unlock your iPhone and find the App Store icon. Select the Updates option at the bottom of the screen. Then check the updates of your apps. If there are a lot of apps that need to be updated, select Update All option in the upper-right corner.

Once you’ve finished all the updates, your problem of random restarts can be solved. Also, you can use the Automatic Updates function in order not to check the App Store all the time. You’ll find it in the Settings in the sections App Store – App Updates.

Manage the iPhone storage

It’s possible that the reason for the iPhone’s glitches is that the device memory is overloaded and there’s no storage space available. You need to free some space by removing unnecessary files to improve the iPhone’s work.

Find the Setting icon on your Home screen and open it. Select the iPhone storage. Analyze the apps of the iPhone and see which are taking up much space. Decide whether you need them obligatory or if it’s possible to remove them. If you can live without them, get rid of large apps.

Also, there’s a way to save your storage. You can delete your old messages. Open the Messages app and delete the messages and chats that you don’t need anymore.

Try to delete old media files as well, e.g., old photos and videos, especially if you have lots of them. If they’re precious to you as a memory, you can transfer them to your desktop computer and then remove them from the iPhone.

Analytics data

If you’ve tried all the methods above, but your iPhone keeps restarting randomly, you can check the logs of analytics data and errors that are created on the device regularly. You can get confused by the big quantity of data, but still, try to understand it. You may notice some details that will help you to understand the root of the problem.

Find the Setting on the Home screen and tap it. Then scroll it and select the Privacy option. Then select Analytics & Improvements option and tap Analytics data. Then open a Recent log and look through the data. Try to find the programs and files that cause bugs.

Reset all settings

Sometimes you need to reset all settings to fix the random restarts problem.

Select the Settings icon and tap the General option. Scroll it down till you find Reset all settings. It will restore the iPhone’s options to the default settings. All your data and apps will be kept, but some of your personal settings will be lost, so you’ll need to set them up manually.

Restore iPhone to factory reset

If your iPhone keeps restarting randomly despite all your efforts to fix it, there is the only way remains – to do a factory reset. It will delete all your data from the phone and will bring the setting back to default.

Remember that before enabling the factory reset, you should obligatory back up all your personal data in order not to lose it.

Select Settings and find General. Choose the Reset option and enter the password. Select Erase All Content and Settings and confirm the factory reset of your device.

Thus, you will erase all the data of your device, and it will be brought to the factory defaults. Does your iPhone keep restarting constantly? You can use the iTunes app to manage the factory reset on your computer without using the iPhone.

You can also resort to a recovery mode or DFU mode restore. It can be easily done in the iTunes on your computer, just follow its instructions.

What to do if the iPhone is in a boot loop?

iphone randomly restarts

Force restart

iphone randomly restarts

If your iPhone is stuck in a boot loop, force restart can be the only way to break this loop. It won’t delete your personal data. Your iPhone will just restart itself.

If you have iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press the volume button and power button simultaneously and hold them for about 20 seconds.

If you have iPhone 8, 8Plus, or X, press the up volume button simultaneously with the down volume button. Then release it and long press the side button until you’ll see the Apple logo.

Remove sim card

iphone randomly restarts

If your sim card is broken or lost connection with the iPhone, you should try this way. Sometimes removing the sim card fixes the random restart issue.

Find out where your iPhone’s sim card is located, open it with a special tool, and remove the sim card gently. Then put it back and check whether the restarting problem is solved.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have some questions, we’ll answer them with pleasure in this FAQ rubric.

Why is my phone rebooting itself?

iphone randomly restarts

As it is said above, there are many factors that make your iPhone keep restarting. It can be connected to a lack of iPhone storage, hazardous apps, update iOS version, etc. Try all the possible solutions and one of them can help you out.

What should I do if nothing helps?

iphone randomly restarts

If you’ve tried all the methods described in our article and still nothing changed, and your iPhone keeps restarting randomly, there is probably a problem with the hardware. You won’t be able to fix it at home, so contact Apple Support.

Also, you can take your damaged device to the local Apple Store, where the masters will figure out the problem. Take the insurance on the iPhone as it will cover the fees.

By the way, the problem can be connected to your device. Is it not too much outdated? Sometimes repairing can be too expensive, so you better buy a new iPhone and forget about problems.

Final words

To sum up, you should try to fix the iPhone restarting problem. You can do it yourself in most cases. However, sometimes you’ll need professional help. Just make sure that you’re treating your device properly.

Take care of your phone and keep it safe!

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