Do you wonder how to remove black spot on iPhone screen? Here are some tips

A black spot on the iPhone screen may appear suddenly – a disappointing surprise for an iPhone holder. A spot may be a dead pixel, some software problems, or a result of cracking and touching with dirty fingers. There are a lot of reasons why a black spot appears someday on an iPhone screen. There are ways to remove it yourself – without paying extra money. But carefully – otherwise there may be other physical damage.

Do you have a dark spot on your iPhone screen and want to get rid of it? Then this article was written for you.

how to remove black spot on iPhone screen

What is the black circle on my iPhone screen?

Leaking of the LCD

The black spot on iPhone screen may probably be leaking from the LCD.

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It may be caused by a crack or other damage. It spreads, not always fast, you may not notice it at first, but over time it will get bigger, so you will be limited to the screen. The black spot doesn’t allow you to see some places on the phone screen.

Spots due to the liquid damage usually occur in the middle of the screen, that’s how you can find out what to do with it next.

Electrical problems and issues caused by incorrect touching 

Black spots may also be caused by different electrical damage in the software.

If it is an electrical problem, then it is not something you can solve by yourself. You better solve the problem with a specialist, not by yourself. You may just cause more damage, which will cost more money.

What location means

If the black spot is at the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen, then it is an electrical kind of issue. But this location may also be because of an untidy touching of the screen.

Dead pixel

overuse of a device

Yes, this is also a reason why dark spots appear. When you use your iPhone too much, you may make the pixels die out, eventually getting into such spots. Don’t overuse your phone.

Damaging an iPhone screen

Another cause of death of the pixels is when you drop your phone and it has serious damage. Or you had your device under direct sun rays when you tried to take a picture without any phone protection.

Can you prevent the spread of the dead pixels?

Usually, when an iPhone user doesn’t do anything with the dark spots and just lets it be, the dead pixels can spread across the screen. But if you notice it, you can save your iPhone screen from black spots appearing.

how to remove black spot on iPhone screen

How to prevent it?

When you find damage, you have to use the help of a specialist or fix black spot yourself. To prevent the spreading of the dead pixels, you should try to use a sticky note to fix the black spot and then turn the LCD screen off. Then use a wet cloth and pressure the spot. After this, turn the screen on and stop pressuring it. It may require a lot of time for dead pixels to go away. But maybe you will just have to replace the screen.

If this doesn’t help to remove black dots over time, get help from professionals.

Can you fix black spot on the screen?

Yes, there are several ways to remove dark spots from the screen. But there is a limitation: in most cases, you can’t fix your phone yourself if you dropped it, and it crashed.

First steps

If you didn’t crash your phone, then there are options. Firstly, try to update the software or just turn it off and on your iPhone.

These were the first steps you should do when you find black spots.

But there are more options to fix your phone’s screen.

How do you get black spots off your phone screen?

How to remove black spot on iPhone screen? There are several ways. But you must be careful, you do it at your own risk.

If you are not sure that you can fix black spot carefully, you better go to the Apple Store.

Update the system

Sometimes a black spot on iPhone screen appears because of the bugs in the software which you can’t fix by yourself. The easiest way to fix black spot is to update the software. You can find the way to the update in the iPhone settings.

The sunshine option

Following this way, you should turn your iPhone off, then leave it under the direct sun rays for some time, and after this turn it on again. It may sound weird, but actually, this can fix the problem with a black spot on iPhone screen.

Let the battery be over 

If you want to get rid of a black spot on iPhone screen, then you should not charge your phone for a while even if the battery is very low, and let it be over entirely. And then charge the battery again. There is a real chance that it will remove the spots.

Use water with rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth or paper towel

Mark the affected area carefully. Keep the phone turned off while following the method. You should put water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, but with a condition that the rubbing alcohol is 99 percent. Then simply spray the liquid on a cloth, even better if it is a microfiber cloth or dry lint-free cloth, not completely dried.

Touch the display with black spots with the cloth, carefully, with small circular motions. This will help to remove the remaining residue. Or use just a dry cloth cleaning.

When does it help?

The rubbing alcohol will help only if the issue with the black spots happened because the ink stains onto a screen. This small bubble appears because of a crash due to dropping a phone.

Clean your screen

Sometimes the issue with dark spots is pretty easy: you just didn’t clean your display regularly, and it got too dirty. You should use a dry soft cloth, even better if it is microfiber or dry lint-free cloth.

Best advice: never use cloth or paper towel, it will harm your display even more because it is too rough, and never use household cleaners.

Don’t touch screen glass with dirty hands

You better don’t touch an iPhone’s screen with dirty fingers or with any water droplets on them because this is also a common reason why the black spots appear or keep spreading, and it damages an appearance completely. And after all, a dirty looking phone may ruin your image.

Why is it dangerous to your iPhone?

Don’t touch screens that already have a black spot because it will go badly, you will just damage an iPhone’s display even more. Or you can even scratch it – you can’t remove scratches. Otherwise, you will need a screen replacement.

Just keep your phone clean with a soft dry cloth, not with a paper towels, your iPhone’s screen, and – wash your hands regularly. And you will save hundreds of dollars on mobile phones.

Use a special screen cleaner

Sometimes you can’t remove the black spot by using just a dry cloth or a cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Another way to get rid of the spots is to use a microfiber cloth with a special cleaner. You can buy a screen cleaner in an authorized service center or authorized Apple dealer or just find it, if it is there, in your iPhone Repair Tool Kit, or buy the kit with your Apple ID.

How to remove black spot on iPhone screen when nothing helps?

The methods above help in most cases, but sometimes a phone may require more than just cleaning with a cloth. Also, the issue may be much more serious than you expected. In such a case, you should take more measures. And then a couple of the other suggestions works.

Use a professional screen repair

When nothing helps, or you harm your iPhone more – get professional help. You will suffer no more from the black spot which closes you a view and ruins your comfort. Better pay some money to avoid any discomfort. And professionals will repair your iPhone screen quickly and remove pesky black spots easily without spending extra money.

And there is another reason: it often happens that the black spots are not just black spots, but a signal of an even worse problem with a device.  If you don’t want to pay more, get professional help timely.

Visit an authorized Apple Store or a service provider

Go to the nearest Apple Store. They can repair your iPhone, since they don’t sell replacement screens.

But it may cost you over one hundred dollars in such case and if any other supplies needed.

So it may be just some kind of last resort.

In conclusion: remove black spots yourself

Fortunately, black spots themselves are not a serious problem in most cases, so there are ways to remove them. It is so if you can act carefully and timely. Then the dark spots will most probably go away and won’t spread more.

But if your iPhone is at risk of being damaged more than it was, then maybe the better option is to visit an Apple Store or get another help. Better pay a little than pay more to buy a new phone. I hope that you understood how to remove black spot on iPhone screen from the article.

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