Detailed step-by-step guide on how to share battery on iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most used mobile devices, however, the main problem for the Apple users of this gadget is the iPhone battery, specifically that the battery life is not long-term.

And finding yourself in a situation where your friend’s iPhone has a full charge, and you have almost ended battery power, there was always thought about the ability to transfer battery power from one to other devices.

And luckily for you, battery sharing is possible for iPhone batteries and the problem of charging your phone will become less of an issue for you.

In this article, you will find the answer to the main question: how to share battery on iPhone?

How is battery sharing, specifically with wireless charging, possible for battery on iPhone?

In order to share battery on iPhone, you must have:

Latest iOS version.

iOS, the operating system by Apple, is a complex that provides new features in your devices, such as reverse wireless charging, which helps to extend battery life.

The function of wireless charging with other phones is only available for connected iOS device with iOS 14.

You need to update your phone to the latest version, go to Settings, then push General and select Software Update.

iPhone model that can be updated to the latest software update.

Check if your phone model is suitable for sharing the battery percentage.

iOS devices that can support 14 update start with iPhone 6s and end with new iPhone models, unfortunately, with iPhone models that were released earlier, battery sharing is an impossible feature.

Other devices should match your iPhone’s battery.

In order to share battery percentage, other users should have iPhone with suitable hardware setups for your phone. Just as iPhone models vary in many ways, the battery on iPhones is also not the same for all devices.

Therefore, if you want battery sharing, make sure the batteries on one iPhone match the other.

If all the points match for you, you are ready to learn how to share battery on iPhone with other devices.

However, if you understand that wireless charging with these conditions doesn’t suit you, we have an alternative method of battery share.

Instructions on how to share battery on iPhone

Firstly, if you want to share battery, you should understand, which type of charging would be better for your iPhone battery.

In order to extend battery life, you can use a few ways that are absolutely different in the way to charge an iPhone:

Wireless pad.

This type of battery share is suitable for those people who already have wireless charging device.

You can just put two devices on the wireless reverse charging pad and one phone will share iPhone battery with another iPhone.


This method is ideal if, for example, another device that wants to share batteries with you has a USB port.

You only need to have an adapter, charging cable, insert one end of the phone and the other end with the USB port.

“Airdrop feature”

This method of wireless reverse charging can be called the airdrop battery sharing due to the fact that it is quite easy to do and is suitable for people who want to quickly get a battery charge from an iPhone owner with a high percentage of battery on iPhone.

How to share battery on iPhone with only two iPhones?

The main question is what is the easiest and most convenient way to share battery, when you only need two devices wirelessly. The “airdrop” method is most suitable for you as you only need one phone, which will share battery and other iPhone, that needs reverse wireless charging.

Furthermore, you will have an ability to track battery status while power-sharing.

Below you will see instructions on how to share battery on iPhone with wireless reverse charging.

Go to Battery Settings.

In order to share a charge, first of all you need to go to the Settings app on the iPhone that own battery with full charge.

Check iCloud accounts.

Primarily, in order to use wireless powershare, one iPhone should be authorized in the same iCloud account with another iPhone.

In order to log out of your account and log into your friend’s iCloud, you need to go to settings, then click on your Apple ID, log out of your account and enter the username and password of the iPhone iCloud user, that will use power-sharing.

Check connection.

After you are authorized on one iCloud account, you need to check that devices are connected correctly.

Select phone.

If you are properly connected in the settings, two batteries will be displayed on the screen. You need to choose the battery you want to do power-sharing with.

Push share battery button.

At the end, just click on the button “share power” and now you are sharing phone battery from one iPhone to another.

Can wireless powershare be possible for other device, that wasn’t made by Apple?

Battery share is possible not only for IOS users. The Samsung company also provided such an opportunity as mutual charging, specifically wireless powershare between QI compatible devices.

In order to try such a useful feature, you need to enter the general settings of your Galaxy phone, then go to Battery Settings, and select the Wireless Sharing battery option.

However, unlike Apple products, this method isn’t similar to an Airdrop, you will need to make the back parts of two phones physically connected together for the mutual charging to work.


To sum up, the answer to the question: “how to share battery on iPhone?” may depend on your circumstances.  For the new generation of iPhones with the latest update, wireless “airdrop” charging will be the easiest method.

For people with an older model of phone or an old software update, you can use charge-sharing options using methods such as cables or a wireless charging pad.  However, even now, your friend can share the battery with you, if you do not have Apple products, through the new Samsung features.

Now, charge sharing is not only a possible feature, but it can also be done with different devices and in different ways.

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