TOP 3 ways how to change an IMEI number on iPhone

During using your iPhone, some obstacles can come across and lead to the necessity to change the IMEI number on iPhone.

If anybody asks “Can you change your IMEI number on iPhone?”, after reading the article, you will know the most workable ways to change an IMEI number freely.

how to change an IMEI number on iPhone

What is the IMEI number?

It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and the IMEI number on iPhone is a 15-digit serial number assigned by Apple, which helps to know about your phone and its history.

For instance, you can learn whether your phone’s under warranty period yet or not.

The main purpose of IMEI number generation for phones by the manufacturer is to give them ID that helps to distinguish one from another.

Especially it helps in case when your phone is stolen.

The IMEI number issues are regulated by law, and this is your legal proof that the iPhone in your hand is the phone under discussion, as every iPhone has only one IMEI number.

Before attempting to change the IMEI number.

Is it possible to change the IMEI number?

Nonetheless, sometimes we may come across cases when you have to change IMEI number, and having answers to the question it’s possible to change IMEI number. The reasons for it may be different, but you should take into account some circumstances before deciding on changing IMEI number to a fake one.

Main risks

What happens if IMEI is changed?

As the IMEI number is a unique one, if you change the IMEI number on your iPhone and you get the same IMEI number as another one, your iPhone will have to be blocked.

In addition to the 1st point in case you get a blacklisted device’s IMEI number, for instance, the international mobile equipment identity number of a stolen phone, it will be blocked.

It’s easy to guess that all the manipulations with the current IMEI number can be done by people who want to break the law rules. It’s the reason for not trusting who change IMEI number.

If any situation where you need some legal proof happens, with the fact that you change IMEI you will not use your iPhone IMEI number anymore.


You get the issue with your iPhone assurance as having changed your IMEI number you lose the opportunity to prove that your iPhone warranty is connected to the iPhone.

It makes your iPhone vulnerable to data breaches.

As your phone isn’t the iPhone without jailbreak, and it gets new unique characteristics, they may be the same as for another one.

In the end, it is highly risky to change iPhone IMEI number since you don’t know the result at the end of the process and whether you get any benefits from it at all or not.

Therefore, before trying to change IMEI number, keep in mind the consequences above.

aving taken the decision, let’s start!

How to change IMEI number on iPhone?


As you understand from the heading, the most important condition to change IMEI number is jailbreaking your iPhone. Otherwise, you can’t execute this method because it’s the way how Ziphone works.

As well, you should have the opportunity to use your personal computer or laptop to use an open-source unlocking tool in the case.

Ziphone works ideally to change IMEI number. So, install Ziphone beforehand and extract the folder package.

Method 1

  1. Your first step is to know your current IMEI on your iPhone.

The simplest process how to know iPhone’s IMEI is to open the dialer app on your iPhone, enter the code below, and call it.

  1. Now you get information about your current iPhone’s IMEI number.
  2. Turn your iPhone into recovery mode.

    How to turn on recovery mode?

The way to do it is described by Apple Inc. and depends on the iPhone model, as after iPhone X the phones have only power and shift buttons.

Generally, it’s a combo “power button + shift/home button”. If at the end of the process you see the Apple logo appears and soon the iTunes logo, that will mean you did all right.

  1. While your phone is in recovery mode, connect it to your personal computer.
  2. Further, you can do the process in two ways: using the Ziphone GUI application or using a command shell (Terminal).
If you choose to use the Ziphone GUI application:
  1. Open the Ziphone folder and start the Ziphone GUI application.
  2. In the “Advanced features” window choose the “Fake IMEI” option and enter your new IMEI in the window next to it.
  3. After the all steps below, click on the “Perform actions” button to change IMEI number, and you got a new iPhone’s IMEI number now!
If you choose to use Terminal:
  1. Open the Ziphone folder and from the extracted files folder you should open Terminal for further steps.
How to start the TERMINAL?

It’s a simple process for Windows – just right-click in the folder, get the context menu where you should select “Open PowerShell/Command prompt window here” opt.

  1. Start Command prompt window. You should copy-paste the command below, where you can change the IMEI number on iPhone to the desired IMEI number instead of “YourNewIMEINumber”.
    ziphone -u -i aYourNewIMEINumber
  2. And click on Enter button.
  3. After a while, 3-4 minutes, you can reboot your iPhone and check the IMEI number.

Unlock MTool

The second PC tool that can help you is Unlock MTool. As well, you have to have a PC or laptop for this method. Before starting, please download the app on your PC.

But keep in mind that there are a lot of cases where you can find fake links on the software, so it’s the reason for being careful and cautious. But it’s a very simple process like the above method.

Method 2.

  1. Open Unlock MTool and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Click on “IMEI changer tool for iPhone”.
  3. Select your iPhone model from the list that appeared in the MTool user interface.
  4. Type your new IMEI instead of your original IMEI in the empty area and press the “IMEI unlock” button.
  5. Access the page with the Activation Lock that must appear during setting up your iOS device and enter all information that is necessary there.

If you face some difficulties (the Activation Lock page does not pop up, the device does not connect to the computer, etc.), please restart your iPhone and repeat all steps above.

  1. Now click on the “Download Code” button next to the IMEI number unlock option.
  2. Press “Download Go” and wait for a while so that the activation file with new IMEI numbers is uploaded on your iPhone.
  3. In the end, you can check the phone’s IMEI number.

How can I change my IMEI number manually?


The prospect that you should download special tools to change iPhone IMEI number and jailbreak your phone can be a bit frightening.

Therefore, we want to show you the last, but not least method that helps you to change the IMEI number without the additional device for it.

Method 3.

Download the Xposed installer and install it on your iPhone.

  1. Reboot iPhone.
  2. Start Xposed and change IMEI with a new IMEI.
  3. Click on the “Apply” button and wait for a reboot.
  4. You can check your iPhone’s IMEI.
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