What should I do if my iPhone randomly vibrates?

iPhones are now one of the most used devices among all mobile devices. iPhone users notice that the phone is not only a convenient means of communication but also has a bunch of other features such as a video player, game player and even an alarm clock.

However, another good advantage of the iOS device is that it works for a wider audience of users. For example, if a person has problems with vision and colour, he or she can set the phone to Smart Invert or Classic Invert mode.

There are also special features for people who have issues with sound and audio perception, for example, when your phone rings, you can set the option to flash the flash and vibrate.

Vibration is just the solution for people with sound perception problems or for those who simply do not like loud sound alerts.

However, for many, with even a single case of turning on vibration, a situation occurs when the iPhone vibrates randomly.

Below, you can see the reasons and solutions if your iPhone randomly vibrates.

Why did my iPhone vibrate for no reason?

The first thing to do to solve the iPhone randomly vibrates issue ,to understand why exactly your device is vibrating for no reason, and what kind of causal relationship exists.

Below, you can see reasons for iPhone vibrate and answers to such questions as “why do my phone vibrate for no reason?”

First reason

One of the issues could be water getting into your phone. This is the first reason, as it is becoming more and more common due to the fact that the larger the iPhone becomes, the more difficult it is to constantly keep it near you, because of which it can even accidentally fall into the sink with water.

However, even a small percentage of moisture and the old age of a phone model can become a reason for malfunction.

Even if one phone does not have random vibrations when exposed to water, your consequences can be even worse than just if the iPhone randomly vibrates.

Second reason

The second reason could be spam from the Mail app. Let’s say, for example, you have a Gmail app, and you’re constantly getting random mail notifications that aren’t very important or useful.

This is especially true for Gmail, since we can use our email on any site to register and later receive promotional mailings.

Due to the constant voltage and the function of generating vibration from notifications, a situation may occur when your iPhone randomly vibrates, even when no notifications have come.

Third reason

There may also be a problem with the USB cable for recharging the iPhone device. Let’s say you see that your iPhone vibrates for no reason when connected to a USB cable, then the charging is probably broken, and the iPhone device, by vibrating randomly, tries to notify you about a wire failure.

Most often, an alert about the impossibility of recharging will appear on the screen of your iPhone device. This reason has the easiest solution to fix iPhone vibrates since all you need to do is either try to connect the cable the other way or just buy a new charger.

Now, you are familiar with all the possible reasons why your iPhone randomly vibrates.

How can I fix iPhone vibrating?

After you have read the reasons, in any case, you still need to familiarize yourself with the ways to solve such a problem as the situation when the iPhone randomly vibrates.

Different methods are suitable for people with different reasons, since sometimes the iPhone randomly vibrates due to physical reasons, for example, a strip of the device mechanism itself, or a situation may occur when the iPhone vibrates due to in-process reasons, for example, an iOS bug.

Below, you can see different methods to fix iPhone device in more detail and instructions to help you fix iPhone vibrates.

Force restart

The first method is called “force restart”, due to the fact that the main technique of this method is, just the same, a complete reboot of your device, which includes not only turning the iPhone on and off with a single button, but a really strong reboot, which can take a couple of minutes for iOS system recovery.

This method is suitable for those who have iPhone vibrates for no reason, that is, if the possible irritants described above in the article are not relevant to you, and you really do not understand what the problem is, then your iPhone may simply be overloaded.

To put this method into action, hold down the power button and volume button with two fingers to make iOS system recovery.

Hold down until your screen turns black, that is, it goes out and then the Apple Logo appears, then just wait for your iPhone to turn on again. Check the result and if still your iPhone randomly vibrate, then keep reading other ways to solve the problem.

Vibration settings are turned off

This solution can be called “vibration settings” because when the iPhone vibrating happens, it seems to you that the iPhone vibrates for no reason, although in fact the main problem, is just the same, unsuccessfully selected vibration settings.

For instance, the iPhone vibrating function, under any circumstances, like an alarm clock, a call, a spam message and just SMS messages.

This method is suitable for those who understand and see that the situation when the iPhone is randomly vibrating is not without cause, but just the same, some kind of alerts always appear with this vibration.

However, no matter how much you try to turn off the vibration for everything on your phone fails, and using iOS system recovery through hard restart doesn’t help.

Go to the settings and scroll to the General icon, under which there is a button called “Sounds”, click on this button and switch off mode two functions, “vibrate on ring” and “vibrate on silent”, this function will also turn off the vibration for all the apps alerts.

Mail notification in the Mail app

This method is very similar to the method described above, however, if you are unable to turn it off in the settings, read below how to avoid your iPhone randomly vibrating with mail all notifications.

This way to deal with the problem, when it seems to you that the iPhone vibrates for no reason, is directly related to the application itself, from which notifications are constantly received, for example, we will take the Mail app.

Go to the Settings app, scroll to the very bottom where a list of programs will be shown and select mail. After that, click on the Notifications icon, which is located under the Siri icon.

That’s it, now you can just turn off notifications from this application and iPhone randomly vibrating will stop.

Check the physical condition of your iPhone device

This method can be called a “technical check”, as it solves the problem when the iPhone vibrating randomly due to physical reasons for a broken processor or devices that you most often connect to it, for example, a charger or headphones can’t connect via cable to a smartphone.

At first, it may seem to you that the iPhone vibrates for no reason since there are no internal problems, such as spam from applications or problems with software updates, which can be detected simply by examining the iPhone settings and the question arises:

What should I do if the reason for the iPhone vibrating randomly is mechanical?

First, you need to externally evaluate the state of the screen and buttons of your iPhone, for example, if the sound button does not work for you or the sound button is stuck, the phone may vibrate.

Secondly, if outwardly there are no problems, then you should contact Apple support and contact the gadget repair so that you can be given professional advice on solving the iPhone randomly vibrates issue.

Use additional programs

This way of solving the problem when the iPhone vibrates for no reason is much more complicated than the previous ones since it is special in the presence of another device, that is, a computer and the ability to use and connect an iPhone to a computer.

Furthermore, this method can be called an iOS recovery tool, as the way you use a computer, for instance, you should launch iTunes on your PC or Mac, connect to the phone and force iOS system recovery mode.

Firstly, you need to download a program to switch your phone with the Apple logo to recovery mode, for instance, it can be FoneLab or Itoolab Fix go.

It doesn’t really matter, which program you will use, as the instruction to make your iPhone iOS system recovery mode is the same.

You can download it with your PC or Mac, just find it in the browser link to install the recovery mode app, which will be useful for your operating system and make sure, that these links are official.

After you successfully installed the app, you need to download the firmware package from your iPhone to the program you downloaded.

The firmware package is a phone’s internal software, which is controlling the full operating system of your iPhone.

You should download the firmware package, to allow the app full access to your iPhone to make full diagnosis and iOS recovery mode, furthermore it would be safer for your phone memory.

Now you should press the automatic repair button to fix such system errors as vibrate randomly.

Your recovery mode screen will appear on the monitor of your computer with a specific percentage scale.

It is better to not touch your iPhone, while the recovery mode screen shows that fixation isn’t complete because you can interrupt and cause failure in the process.

Wait patiently and your recovery process will end without any unexpected consequences.

Check if the recover is really completed and only if the recovery program is saying that your iPhone is fully fixed from random vibration, you can unplug it from USB cable.

You can leave the app on your computer, so if the problem will be repeating, you know how to solve the problem effectively.

Now you know, with details and step-by-step instructions, how to fix vibration issues.


What should I do if all these methods became unsuccessful solutions?

There may be a situation when methods are unuseful and reasons for random vibration aren’t suitable for your situation.

Then you should understand that your situation is exceptional, and you need to carefully check any obstacles to fixing your phone.

A common problem can be a non-updated phone, then just go to settings and update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

However, even if that doesn’t help, it’s best to get in touch with Apple support and talk to an Apple device professional.


In this article, you were able to get acquainted with a variety of ways to solve the problem when your iPhone is vibrating for no reason.

For each reason for such an extraordinary problem, we could find a solution that is the most effective and convenient to implement. Although, some cases can be exclusive, you still can get an advice.

We hope that, after reading this article, the iPhone randomly vibrating will not be a problem for you anymore.

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